20 Awesome Apple Inspired Wallpapers for Mac – iPhone – iPad

Apple is the love of many geeks (including the owner of Designzzz, Ayaz Malik). He bought an iPhone a few days ago and he needed some wallpapers. He asked me to find him some. Of course, whenever I find something, I find for all you guys not just the boss. So here’s post.

These are wallpapers for Apple lovers, these can be applied to any iDevices.

Even if you don’t have a device from Apple.inc you can still use them, for it is delicious to eat.

You should also check out our collections of iPhone wallpapers and iPad wallpapers if you have any of these devices.

Let me tell you what I’m doing. I have a white laptop, and I have patched “Apple” logo on the front. I’m using Mac styled icons and sounds, but I use Windows. All my friends get pretty irritated with this. I like their face when they are irritated 😛

I don’t recommend this, but if you wanna do something crazy, you can follow me.

Gray is Good

high resolution apple macintosh wallpapers pack download

Apple in Room

free apple log backgrunds for everyone desktop

Apple in Space

space wallpapers of apple technology


apple creative backgrounds for desktop

Apple Art

artistic high resolution apple walpapers

Retro Apple Bullet wallpaper

retro apple wallpapers

Say hi Android wallpaper

andriod and apple wallpapers download pack

Think Different Apple Mac

think different wallpapers from apple mac

Think Apple wallpaper

think greener high resolution wallpapers from apple mac

Apple Building wallpaper

latest apple high resolution wallpapers

Apple Abstract Background

abstract wallpapers of apple wallpapers

Love Apple

latest high resolution apple wallpapers

Apple Sticky Note

creative apple wallpapers

Apple Logo Sketch wallpaper

apple logo sketch wallpapers

Apple Mac 20 wallpaper

latest think different apple mac wallpaper download

Mac 21 wallpaper

beautiful paint effect apple wallpapers

Apple Mac 34 wallpaper

latest realistic apple wallpapers

Steve Jobs

latest steve jobs wallpapers

Apple Light wallpaper

high resolution creative apple compay wallpapers

Nailed it

latest andriod apple wallpapers

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