This post contains many wonderful April fools day pranks, ideas and their result pictures.

You can play these pranks on your friends and family, they are clean and healthy tricks sure to leave some cherishing memories.

Even though most of these tricks are fairly straightforward, if you need any help, you can click the image to reach source page.

I have also scribbled down some of my own (evil) additions which can be made in these pranks to enhance the intensity. While making these additions, I just felt like the half blood prince making additions in his potions book. If you are not a Harry Potter fan, apologies for the example.

Jason’s friends placed this sign on the back of his truck. For 2-3 kilometers, Jason had quite a ride, then he figured it out.

april fools day car prank

These cups can be filled with various things. But the main idea is to put all the stuff on the bed and let the cups to their work.

april fools day prank college room

Fill the car with balloons (probably water filled ones), stack them up to the limit and then do this.

car covered with sticky notes

This is one of those prehistoric almost everyone has pulled off on one another. Sticky notes, everywhere! (You can even write something on them, such as “Go take a shower!”)


sticky notes office prank

And this is a simple wallpaper if your friend still uses Windows XP.

broken screen wallpaper prank april fools day

Every once in a while office employees wanna do something out of the daily grind. This is one of those things.

floors cup prank in college

This is a killer. So always carry a piece of black paper and a pair of scissors.

funny restroom sign change prank

Do this and your colleague might ask: “Did I die?”

funny office desk crime scene prank

If you notice closely, the computer mouse is inside the jelly! That could be a mom’s way to say “Enough” to his geek son.


I didn’t like his/her car, so taped it.

april fools day prank car cling film covered

There were fart cushions, and then there’s this….

honk below chair april fools day

Stick the toothpaste’s tip to the tip of mustard bottle. When someone pulls anything out of the other, chaos everywhere.

fill toothpaste with mustard sauce

Stapler in the jelly. That’s one of those ‘sweet’ pranks.

office prank stapler inside frozen jelly

There’s nothing sweet about this one.
Caution: Don’t do it unless you are completely sure that your victim will not hurt him/herself.

toilet seat prank

We did this on the card, so why not the cubical.

post it notes office prank

This is made with tacky glue and wax paper. Original coffee cup would be required.

april fools day prank spilled coffee

I personally don’t see it as a prank. It’s more of my dream come true! I already have my laptop with me in bathroom, if I got food as well, I wouldn’t have to go out at all.
Somebody should make a fridge for bathrooms.


Aluminum foil preserves food. Pranks can also be preserved in it 🙂

office covered in aluminium foil prank

Tape everything to the roof. Nice prank to play on your roommate.

Anti gravity college prank to play on your roommate. April fools day prank idea.

Knock and run away. Let the honk do its job.

Awesome idea to scare the shit out of your roommates.

This time, not Aluminum foil but his own pictures. You might wanna put Rebecca Black pictures here. No reason, you just might wanna put it.

Covered in weird posters prank for april fools day.

When he/she opens the door from behind, you must be ready with a camera.

dorm room door in university. Cups tower taped prank.

Cups, everywhere, again. By the way, do you remember that episode from Friends where Phoebe was incharge of cups and ice.


Poor people….

Hilarious drive thru fake car prank college guys.

Chairs aside, let’s dance.

Office full of chairs.

Now this is a bit rude, but it that’s what humor is Texas style. Fill your colleague’s cubical with (seemingly) garbage material.
Caution: Only through clean things. Making it dirty and unhealthy is not funny.

Office full of garbage prank on april fools day.

Dose him off with Benadryl and then… again, stay ready with the camera.

April fools day prank: wrapped in bed

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