Today we are featuring the splatter effect artworks of cyber sensation Lora Zombie, an artist who focuses on traditional art in this advanced age.

Lora Zombie (her previous username was Lora8) is a very popular designer, especially on the internet. Her popularity resonates from her darkly themed watercolor based artworks. And the very best of those artworks is what we are sharing today.

I’d like to thank the awesome Designzzz reader Calem Bendell who suggested featuring Lora’s work here. You’re awesome bro.

Lora Zombie’s Splatter Effect Artworks

Black GoldFish

These black splatters are what get me in this painting.

black goldfish traditional painting

Will come to take sadness away

One of the biggest aspect of Lora’s art is the balance between abstract and clear image. The sad panda, the crying girl, the smiling TV and a heart… all clear images.

sadness traditional painting

Black Balloon

This is a pretty cute painting. One of my favorites in this list.

black baloon traditional splutter


Man these are some bold strokes. Just check out the splatters in the lower half of the painting.

character traditional splutter painting


This is one of the paintings that made Lora famous on the internet.

whale traditional art


The dash or red really takes my breath away.

splatter grunge traditional paintings


This image fascinates me for many reasons. The background has loads of colors, but the guy has none. The guy playing the accordion seems to have bruised fingers, old shave, flyaway hair and dismayed eyes.

billy traditional painting

BILLY’s band

Can you count the men in this image?

billy band traditional painting

Mother Anarchy

This image reminds me so much of Soho.

mother anarchy traditional painting


And now we come to my favorite painting in this list.

sleep traditional painting

BILLY’s band series

A flag with a fish skeleton on it… even though I consider myself good at giving meanings to the abstract, but this one stumps me.

slide traditional painting

Knock Before Enter

“Zebra is just a handsome donkey” – My Dad.

zebra traditional painting


Don’t speak. Let your work make the noise for you.

man traditional splatter painting


Please stop for the animals on the road.

stop deer traditional painting


Here comes the thumbnail image.

blur traditional painting guy


This one also reminds me of Soho. I think I should go back to London for a while.

girl traditional painting splutter


The painting of the passionate introvert.

billy misha traditional painting

That’s all the paintings I had of Lora Zombie today.

If you know any other artist who needs to be featured at Designzzz then please do comment. I’ll make sure to add your artist’s post as well.

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