Wedding Photography is becoming more and more commercially favored niche of photography. People pay a lot to photographers to capture the best day of their lives…. but of course, they want photos to better-looking even than reality itself!

And it’s not that unfair, none of us looks as good as his/her profile picture! We all want our photos to look better than the reality. The only difference is that you get a million chances take your profile photos but you get only one chance to take your wedding photos (Hollywood celebrities are an exception).

Getting back to the subject, wedding photography jobs are paying loads these days and that’s why more and more photographers want to know it’s secrets.

Today I won’t be telling many secrets but the basics, so if you are already working as a wedding photographer, you might not get much out of my tips but you would enjoy the wedding pictures I’ve added for your inspiration.

Wedding Pictures for Inspiration

Even though I’m not a seasoned professional myself, one thing I’ve learned is that you don’t have to make everyone look beautiful, only the bride is important! If she looks good, you’ve nailed the job.And for this fact, I adding only portrait photos of brides.

Summer II


Bridal- Roswell Ivory


Bridal ness


Sam’s Jewellery



Taking Wedding Photos

There are many things a photographer has to notice while taking a shot.
The biggest problem in photo sessions is that we are not just capturing the moment, we are creating it!
Here are some things you should always take notice of:

Some Important Rules for best Wedding Photography.

1. Photographer should have confidence on his skills.
2. Supportmen are important. You only have one chance, so you need will need helping hands.
3. Besides from lighting, props are very important. Focus on the details and backgrounds is also vital.
4. View should be Clean.
5.Color filters sometimes create magnificent touch.

ISO and Shutter Settings

ISO, 50 (L), 1oo – 25600
Shutter 1/7000 per 30 second & type isĀ Mechanical.

ISO setting and shutter speed timing can be tricky for wedding photography. Professionals always go for MANUAL mode but AUTO also works so you can start off with AUTO.

If you don’t set your ISO properly, you’re destined for doom! Most of your images will be blurry.

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