Beautiful Anime Wallpapers for your desktops!

We published¬†Anime Manga Style Art Illustrations back in 2010, that was a big hit but after that there haven’t been much posts on this topic. I started focusing a lot on Photoshop maybe that’s the reason. But now I’ll be sharing some art as well as design stuff.

Today what I’ve got for you is a collection of some of the best anime and manga wallpapers that were posted recently on the internet.

So I can say that it is unlikely that you’ve seen them before. I hope you enjoy.

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Dark Angel Anime wallpaper

creative and HD manga wallpapers

Anime Sniper

HD Free anime sniper wallpaper

Ace One Piece

Download HD ace one piece wallpaper


HD naruto wallpaper download free

Summertime Holiday

High defiitionn summertime holiday wallpaper

Miku wallpaper

awesome Anime manga wallpapers


Sleeping anime girl wallpaper

Samurai Champloo Jin

samurai champloo jin wallpapers

Raining Day Anime

HD raining day anime wallpapers

Ninja wallpaper

Ninja anime wallpaeprs

Hellsing Alucard Art

Free thrilling hellsing alucard art wallpapers

Naruto wallpaper

naruto with love in black ad white wallpaper

NARUTO wallpaper

anime fight wallpapers


super jail anime art wallpapers

Naruto Hyuuga Hinata And Naruto Uzumaki

naruto hyuuga hinata and naruto uzumaki wallpaprs

Hellsing Alucard

hellsing alucard wallpapers

Seagulls wallpaper

anime seagulls wallpapers

Lethal Beauty

HD anime alethal beauty wallpaper

Window Reflection

anime girl window reflection wallpaper

Ghost In The Shell Tachikoma

fresh ghost in the shell tachikoma wallpapers

One Piece Manga

one piece manga wallpaper painting

Angry Girl Anime

angry girl anime wallpapers 2012

Next In Line

Latest funny next in line anime walllpapers

The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya Nagato Yuki

the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya nagato yuki iii


anime art creations and wallpapers

Appleseed Ex Machina

HD wallpaeprs appleseed ex machina

Angel Beats

Sizzling anime angel beats  wallpapers

Anime Ninja Boy

latest HD Anime wallpapers

Black Rock Shooter

Black anime wallpapers

Rain Anime

Cute Anime wallpapers

Cityscape Anime

hot anime girls wallpapers 2012

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