40 Beautiful Fairy Illustrations and Manipulations

This is a collection of fairy pictures (not real photos, of course) and it includes illustrations, other digital paintings, photo manipulations and all kinds of digital art.

A fairy is one of the most fantasized mythical creatures ever dreamed of. There are different characteristics associated to them in different cultures but some things stay common. The most common of those factors are: 1) they are all stunningly gorgeous. 2) they are all innocent as a butterfly.

In the artworks below you’ll see the same beauty and innocence that are a fairy’s prime features.

Fairy Pictures and Illustrations

This collection includes fairies from all over the world, most of all, Tinkerbell. If you think any of your favorite fairy is missing, please do comment and I’ll add right away.

Mi vida en el bosque

A fairy with butterfly wings in the evening.

Bosque is a fairy illustration

El bosque magico

Oh, she looks sad.

El bosque is one of the best fairy tale illustrations

Fire Dance

They say she still dances like this on the 13th of every lunar month.

A fairy dancing with the fire

Fairy Song

I have heard loads of fairy stories, but never one contained a singing fairy. I should listen to more fairy stories.

A fairy with a flute

Dance of the Sea Fairy

The sea fairy, that’s like the goddess of mermaids.

Dance of the sea fairy

Sylphina the fair

The fairy who glows in the dark.

Blue fairy illustration

The Elven Fairy

She looks a little like an anime character, doesn’t she?


The fairydust nest

The Urban Dictionary says that fairy dust is any random powder drug that you don’t know what that contains.


Weaving Dewdrops

This is a photo manipulation, not a painting. This is a different kind of digital art.


My Reflection

Isn’t that too seductive for a fairy?

Tinkerbell fairy

Moon Fairy

Another concept based photo-manipulation.

Moon Fairy

Lost Fairy

He wing is bleeding. My God this one makes me sad. Let’s move over this one quickly.

Injured sad fairy under moonlight

Nightly Forests

Ooh, she doesn’t make me sad at all. In fact, lifts me up a little.

Seductive fairy in the fairyland

Finished Green Queen Faery

She looks like a real queen, doesn’t she?

Queen Fairy with Beetle Wings

Wild Butterfly

The butterfly princess.

Butterfly fairy

Sitting pretty

She makes spider webs… that’s interesting.

Moth Fairy

Autumn Whisperlings

She is flying but they are not wings, they are leaves… I don’t know what’s going on.

Sexy fairy in autumn

Snow Fairy

Now I know why Santa lives on the North pole.

Fairy in the snow

Fairy Light

Is she promising something? Is she requesting something? Is she made of smoke? I want answers!

Light fairy


We’re back to digital art from here onward.

Dark fairy in night

Autumn fairy

According to an Afghan myth, if you see dance of the fairy, you go blind as soon as she stops dancing.

Charming fairy in spring

Snowflake fairy

Just a unique snowflake she is.

Snowflake Fairy

Immortal Flight

Now these are some impressive wings. Oh dear, what’s that in the water?

Fairy or a beast


Those are pretty edgy wings and pretty edgy looks. She’s like that bad girl of the fairies.


Lost Love

She’s wearing black, she has tears in her eyes but a sword in her hand.

Sad fairy in tears

Mushroom Fairy

Looks a little like Tinkerbell, right?

Evil tinkerbell

Amphibia – Guardian of Frogs

I’ve never heard of this fairy, but then again, guardian of frogs doesn’t sound like a charming job.

Amphibia the guardian of frogs

Dragon Skies

Brace yourself, the mother of dragon is coming in the winter.

A fairy riding a dragon

Once Was Innocent

She’s all grown up.

Fairy in stockings

Pin-up fairy

Pin up and fairy, that’s quite a fantasy.

Pin-up Fairy

Winter Wreath

Winter is coming and it is beautiful.

In the winter

Holly Berry Faery

Holly is the wood Harry Potter’s wand is made of.

Holly Barry Faery

Irish Faery

I’m sure I can get her drunk.

Irish Faery

Following The Wind

She looks like a character right out of Arabian Nights.

Long haired female mythical creature

Poppies Delight

Poppy is the primary ingredient in Hashish.

Female in the poppies


And I’ll end this collection with my childhood favorite character, Tinkerbell.

Fantasy tinkerbell

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