Beginner Tips for Building Brand Identity


Paul Rand, one of the most influential designers of all time said: “Design is everything. Everything.

It is everything because design is the thing that creates first impression. Even before a person buys the product, he sees the design. The logo, business card, website and such designed items reflect a business’s theme, its psychology and its values.

You, the designer, needs to cover print work and internal graphics. In today’s market you will also have to focus on branding yourself on mobile, only then you can properly meet your marketing targets and conversion goals.


The first and foremost thing is to brainstorm. This requires work to be done from the client. The client should ask himself/herself:

How do I want to portray my company?


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In this brainstorming, you need to figure out the color scheme of the design. And this color scheme should correlate with the color psychology of the client’s business.
You will also have to decide the logos, domain name and fonts that you will be using throughout the campaigns and all other design materials.

Acquire Inspiration

For a common person, it’s food air and water. For designers, food, air water and inspiration. If you don’t get a spark of inspiration, you won’t reach far and meet creativity block very early. That happens, that happens even to the senior professionals.

To live a creative life we must loose our fear of being wrong.

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Two things you have to do get inspiration.

  1. Visit competitor websites
  2. Visit design galleries

Let’s assume your client is a burger shops chain. Now to start off, you should take observation from websites of Burger King, other burger chains and your local burger shops.

Secondly, the design galleries. They don’t focus on the content but they focus on the design and layout part. You can go to any design gallery, such as Unmatched Style or Design Shack.

Another thing you can do is visit template sites. For instance, you can visit websites for business card templates if you are designing a business card.

Layout vs. Design

Perhaps I’m repeating myself, but maybe you’re new to Designzzz and haven’t checked my previous articles so I should reinstate this. You need to focus on the layout more than design. When you get the layout right, you’ll get design right automatically.

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A wallpaper from Wallpapers for Designers

For instance you are building a website, layout would be the diagram on that website while design consists of color scheme, fonts and other details. Taking example from a building: the map of a building is the layout while paint color, decorations, furniture etc. is the design part.
Focus on the layout; it should be interactive, simple, clean yet impressive. If you get the layout right, your design will be okay.

So let’s conclude. When you are designing a startup, you need to consider these three things:

  1. Brainstorming: You should understand the project explicitly before starting to design it.
  2. Inspiration: You need to have inspiration for designing. You should know what the other sites have done, and how would you compete with them.
  3. Layout: If you have a good layout, your design will be good. If your layout will be poor, it wouldn’t matter if you had designed really cool elements for the design, bad layout means bad design.

I hope you found this article useful. Please comment with your feedback and… see you 🙂

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