How a Magical Shot is Taken – Photographers in Action

Photographers go through every extreme, and sometimes, they even have to stay there for weeks and months, just to get one shot. One magical shot which could change their lives and sometimes, could create history. This is called Photography.

I have collected many kinds of examples showing photographers of all genders and age groups. I have only focused on a few types of photography, such as war and wildlife. If you like this idea, tell me so and I’ll make another post, and even better this time on the same topic.

We frequently share marvelous pieces of photography here at Designzzz, but today I thought let’s share a collection of photos portraying Photographers in Action. Another funny thing about this idea is that when I made this, my fellow writer Tayyab said he had this idea for a long time and wanted to make this post. Too bad buddy!

Wildlife Photography

Wild Life Photographer in Water

Free Wild life photography

Photographing the Photographer by  dreami

Free ideas for photographers

Sharad Haksar photographer

Free wild life younger photographer

War Photography

Photographer in Street war

Free war photographer

Photographers in war land

Free war photography

Photographer crouching behind wheelbarrow

Free Photogrpher's photography

Photographer in front of tyre

Free Photographer's photographing

BW Snapshot Photographer by  laupretep

Photographer in stress

Capturing the World

Photographer by  Nairaa

Free ideas for photography

Be a photographer by  StopScream

Water reflection of photographer

Photographer by  DianaCretu

Free Photographer snaps

The Photographer by  Rebacan

Free ice photography

To be a photographer by  shinsenfreak

Be a  photographer

Mad photographer by  Ciril

Mad soul for photography


Photographer by  kgeri

Three Photographers in one frame


Mountain Photographer

Free Mountain Photographer

Almost photographer by  Kogtev

Baby boy photographer

Little photographer by  anemonty

Little photographer

Photographer… by  ZeRDuSHT

Photographer in photography

Hamster Photographer by  Power-666

Free Hamster photographer's photography

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