Best of the Best Fonts of Recent Times

This a collection of the best fonts from the collections we have been posting here in last few years.

As our readers would know, we share collections of fonts on regular basis. All those collections, those posts are focused for one type of fonts, such as cursive fonts, heading fonts, logo design fonts etc., but today I have made a collection, or should I say selection from all those posts I made on Designzzz.

So this is not one particular type of fonts, you’ll find a mixed blend here but these are my favorites!

One thing I’m noticing in my collection is that all of these fonts are suitable for headings only, not main text or content of the design. They can do magic on logos and headings but probably not so suitable where a large amount of text comes. So they are the best fonts, but best only for headings.

Best of the Best Fonts

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Chopin Script

famous fonts ever


calligraphic fonts download

Optimus Princeps

worthy fonts ever

Doris Day

girly fonts download

Champagne & Limousines

Champagne Limousines font


great fonts collection

Dream Orphans

elegant free fonts


rounded effect fonts


amazing typographic fonts


thin type effect

Black Jack

classical fonts for type


olijo font


japan type fonts


amazing deserted fonts download


free font collections


free elegant fonts


disney font download


latest classy fonts

Halo Handletter

hand written fonts

Deftone Stylus

skewed fonts type

If you have a suggestion for our font posts, or a request for any particular type of fonts, please comment we’ll deliver start working on it right away.

Legal Note: Designzzz do not own these fonts, nor do we own it’s rights/license. For any kind of details on license or other technical details, please refer to the source page by clicking on the title of font.

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