Monograms are basically typographic logos but monograms make use of only alphabet. The designer has to stay within limits and create logo designs that do not contain any element whatsoever that is not the part of the logo content.

Monograms used to be extremely popular, starting from Gutenberg’s era and reaching up to early 20th century. However, their use reduced because scientific discoveries proved that logos need to be highly readable.

These days, monograms are making a comeback because now concept based monograms are being used as logos.

From corporate houses to small businesses, everyone likes a cool conceptual logo. And it becomes even better if you use a monogram for a logo.

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The Best Monograms

Monograms are designed using the same logo design tools that are used for designing any other type of logo. However, designing the methodology of designing monograms is far different from logo designing.

For designing a good monogram, designers have to be good with typographic elements. They need to know how the psychology of fonts works, how monograms have evolved over ages and what is the current trend in monogram designing.

During 18th and 19th century, when its usage was at highest point, monograms were pretty difficult to read. They contained highly calligraphic letters. Things changed during 20th century and everybody started switching to simpler typographic logos. This trend gave a whole new dimension to the art of monogram designing.

The collection we are sharing today mostly contains modern monograms and typographic logos.

David Corbera Photography

This is a concept based monogram.

David Corbera Modern Monogram


An excellent example of using negative space in logos.

Hafiz Bacote logo

Three Dimensional Perspective

It’s simple, it’s unique and it is concept based.

3D logo


A purely modern way to design monograms. Converting the letter into a is not an old designing trend.

Future Works

Colin Tierney Design

I don’t know why but this reminds me of an old Soviet hammer & sickle logo.

Colin Tierney Design monogram


This is one of the perfect blends of old and new monogram design techniques.

PD monogram


Did you find the “H”? Nice monogram, right?

A very inspiration and creative monogram


The letters “A”, “S” and “P” combined into one character.

ASP monogram

Art Machine

This is a famous monogram and it gets featured in nearly every monogram design inspiration article created.

Art Machine monogram based logo

Home Art

If you are looking for simplicity, this kind of ideas work okay.

home art

Harrison Heights

This monogram contains a beautified “H”.

H monogram


And this one contains a beautified “L”.

Lutner monogram

Music Crown

Is it a crown? This is also a good example for modern monograms.

Music Crown monogram


Here’s something if you are not looking for simplicity.

BG monogram


This is a vintage themed monogram.

TS Vintage Logo


This is a wedding monogram. Such monograms are very popular these days and they are used all over designed materials in weddings.

Wedding Monogram

Dennis Mart

This is also a classic styled monogram.

Dennis Mart

Leschinski Design

This is a modern, simple, highly recognizable typographic logo.

Leschinski Design


What’s your favorite dialog from the movie Thor?

More Conceptual Logo

Studio 45

This is a modern, simple, yet slightly confusing design.

Studio 45 Great Logo


This is concept based logo design at its finest.

Steps of Logo

AVID Identity

It is a simple enough design, but its worth a million dollars.

AVID Identity multimedia logo

Killed Productions


killer logo


This is a perfect example of mixing vintage monogram designing techniques with modern day trends.

DG monogram


I love this one. It has to be one of the cutest typographic logos I have ever seen.

Free Creative fonts

Wiesinger Music

A concept based monogram never fails to impress.

Free Creative Logo designs


Have an idea, add expression, add humor and you have designed a classic.

Free Logo designs for designers


This is a modern day monogram where a little bit of designing can be included.

conceptual logos with subtle messages

Ed’s Electric

This one has a hidden symbol.

one of the best monograms you will ever find

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