Forget what people say, the world is beautiful. Nature is breathtaking and inspirational. You could be stuck on a project with no knowledge of how to proceed, and a few quiet minutes in front of nature lights up a bulb in your head. We, as humans are inspired by nature, that’s the way the universe works.

Many people think nature cannot look as good when captured in black and white as it would in colored photos, but this isn’t entirely true. Nature – landscapes, waterscapes, the simple things of life- can actually look better when captured in black and white, it all depends on the photographer.

This post actually goes out to prove this fact. This post is a fantastic collection of breathtaking nature photos- all captured in black and white.

This article contains 

  1. Tips on capturing black and white photos
  2. Black and white landscape photos
  3. Black and white waterscape photos
  4. Miscellaneous black and white photography

Tips on capturing black and white photos

First things first. A picture only looks good as its taker would allow it. This means a photographer determines how good a picture looks, and this is quite important as most photography awards only accept black and white photos for nominations.

One way to capturing black and white photos appropriately is by using the Long Exposure technique. This trick in a nutshell means exposing the camera’s image sensor to light for unusually long periods. When this happens the lens takes clearer pictures in a unique special way.

Long Exposure are especially excellent at capturing objects moving at high speeds, such as rushing water, a spinning giant wheel or leaves blown in the wind.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to go about it:

  • Get a tripod stand and place your camera on it. If you don’t do this, the picture will just be a messy blur.
  • Keep the shutter speed at just a few seconds. You can adjust this in camera settings called “B” (or bulb).
  • Use the “B” (or bulb) setting to keep the shutter open for as long as you want. Cameras usually restrict this to 30 seconds max.
  • Use a remote control to take the shot. If you press the button, it will shake the camera and the whole effort will be ruined.
  • Use filters to hold back the light. Circular polarizers reduce two stops of light. Choose a suitable Neutral Density filter for this.
  • Use a small aperture.  The smaller the ISO is, the better the result will be.
  • Shoot RAW image and apply noise reduction.  This is necessary because you’ll get more noise the longer the camera lens is exposed to light.

Scott has a few more tips in the video below:

Black and white landscape photos

Landscape photos speak volumes. They communicate with everyone in different ways and manners. They look good in full colors but when taken in black and white the effects are amplified and they are simply fantastic.

Percheles 1 by Mariano Belmar Torrecilla

Free black and white landscape photography

Lairig Gartain by John Parminter

Free landscape Black and white photography

Mist of Stones

Photography of Landscape Black and White

Story of Long Life and Death by  Angelreich

Free Black and White Landscape Photography

Shadow and light by Mathilde Guillemot

Free Black And White Photography

Another morning by Audun Wigen

Free Black And White Landscape Photography

How it’s like to be Free

Free Black and White Landscape Photography

Two Worlds… by  Mac Danzig

Free Black and White Photography

Infinity by  Joakim Orrvik

Free black and white photography

Evening Waterfall by Roberto Bertero

Free Black and white landscape photography

Desolated by  Nicolas Marino

Free Black and White photographs

Deep Evenings

Fee Landscape Photography

Is it black, or is it White…

Free Landscape Black and White Photography

Winter Landscape

Free Black and White Landscape Photography

Window to the World

FRee Landscape Black And White Photography

Sardinia Landscape

Free Black and White landscape photography


Free Landscape black and White Photography

Forgotten Temple

Free Black and white Landscape Photography

Destiny by  Rico Cavallo

Free Black and white Landscape Photography

Black and white waterscapes photos

Photos of waterscapes, trees and so on are always beautiful and worthwhile to watch. It’s even better when they’re taken in black and white. The photographs below are taken by talented photographers using Long Exposure Photography, the method described earlier.

Reminiscence by Angelreich

Long Exposure Photography Rocks

The rabbit on the pier by Etchepare

Long Exposure Photography Cost

The Infinite by Marc Adamus

Long Exposure photography rocks

Sudut pantai sanur_3 by Pistonbroke

Long Exposure Photography Hut


Long Exposure Photography Flag

Peaceful Pleasure

Long Exposure PHotography bridge


Long Exposure Photography Lost


Long Exposure PHotography London

Quiescence by Nilgun Kara

Long Exposure PHotography trees

Follow the road

Long Exposure Photography SHore

Paradise Bay

Long Exposure Photography Paradise

The Mysterious Lighthouse 

Long Exposure PHotography Lighthouse

Fishing Dream

Long Exposure Photography Fishing

Rot in pieces by Nilgunkara

Long Exposure PHotography Stones

BoundLong Exposure Boat Photography

The line by Michel Rajkovic

Long exposure photography sea

The wall by Michel Rajkovic

I’m no longer here by WiciaQ

Long Exposure Photography

The Tower V2 by Michel Rajkovic

Long Exposure PHotography waterscape

H…. by Denis2

Long Exposure Waterscapes

Maidenhead Bridge by Angelreich

long exposure photography bridge

Industrial Landscape Study

Long Exposure photography Industry

Mont St Clair by Correaie

waterscape photography

Miscellaneous black and white photography

This collection of black and white photographs are a combination of landscapes and the simple things of life which will communicate uniquely to inspire you. Apart from being inspirational, they appear serene and simple. This is because they were shot in black and white colors.

Dark ‘n’ Stormy by Steve Campbell

dark n stormy

Unnamed Place by Angelreich

black and white photography

Wondering Time

beach photography

In a Land Of Dead Trees

dead trees phtoography

Volksvagen by Aykanozener

volksvagen photography

Growing Old Together by Lawrence DeDark

chairs photography

Dark Lake by xxbluecrystalxx

dark lake photography

Black Pearl by Hellfirediva

black pearl photography

The Veins2 by Recepgulec

veins photography

Silence… by WiciaQ

silence photography

Sarikampos beach… by Kaarmen

black and white cliff

Agua by Andy Mumford


C a n o e. . by SerdarAKIN

boat photography

Going through the field by Etoile06

black and white fields

Rhythm by Marinshe

rythm photography

Tunnel by Kleemass

tunnel photography

::: my HOusE ::: by TwELveRN

house photography

Paradise Bay 03 by Pheelfresh

paradise bay

Wind on Rugged Shore by Wb-skinner

wind rugged shore

La Corniche II by `Pixydream

road photography

Swamp Things Series VI

swamp photography

Hidra by La poupe


White Night by Kleemass

white night

Think by Peewee82

think photography

Show Me The Way by `DenisOlivier

show me the way

Struggle and flight by Northcumbria

struggle photography

Brume – Forest by Aiae

brume forest

The path to your nightmares by Soczi

path to your nightmare

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