Fire Performance Photography is a unique thing. It requires a minor long exposure. Finding the right light settings and background can be a little tricky, but once you get the rhythm, the results are outstanding.

Today I have gathered amazing and blazing photography of people performing fire dance, tactics etc. This gives an impressive view which stuns the viewers though it is very dangerous type of performance.

These performers are highly trained and talented, so please don’t try this at home.  You can reach the image sources pages by clicking on the image.

These all fire performance photographs are taken by MattTheSamurai from Deviant Art , You can visit his gallery here

This fire performance gives a whole new meaning to fire dance.
Some of these pictures are of wallpaper size, so you can go to source page and test your luck if you find a magnificent wallpaper.

Fire Performance

Giant Fire Chimaira

giant chimaira fire photography

Fire Ripples in the Dark

fire ripples photography

Ball of Fire and Flames

ball of fire photography

Between Blue Saws of Fire

blue fire circles photography

Wave of colored Fire

Wave colored fire photography

Lost in a sea of Fire

sea of fire photography

Fire fades to Blue

fades blue fire photography

Twin Fire Dragons

fire dragons photography

Wheels of Fire

wheels of fire photography

Reversed Pendulum of Fire

fire pendulum photography

Through the Fire and the Flame

through the fire photography

Fire Slices

fire slices photography

Storm of Colorful Fire

storm of colorful fire photography

Fire Crossing

fire crossing photography

Blue Fire Storm

blue fire storm photography

Blue and Green Fire

blue green fire photography

Wall of Fire

wall of fire photography

Fire Masamune

fire masamune photography

Fire Shield

fire shield photography

Once again, don’t try this kind of fire performance in home… or anywhere else!

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