Bokeh Photography is an excellent type of photography. Easy to create and never failing to impress are the two features that have made it one of the most popular effect among photographers.

Today I have gathered 20 of the very best examples of photos containing the Bokeh effect.

These inspirational pictures try to explain many techniques of using this effect with different types of lighting and environment.

You’ll also find a quick tutorial for capturing such Bokehs’.


  1. The aperture of your camera should be set on Priority Mode (A or Av on the dial options).
  2. (f) the aperture should be at the minimum value. Set your lens at: f/4
  3. The Focus of your camera must be on Manual. Adjust the focus to the closest objects.
  4. Set the Zoom level (somewhere between 45-55MM should be good)
  5. Now all you need is some light at a distance of at least 10′ or greater.

Just try it once, you will never forget it.

Kara Carlson

Bokeh Photography girl

Holiday bokeh

Holiday Bokeh Photo

Creating Happiness

Creating Happiness Bokeh

OMG! I missed the sledge because of my mission!

Dog Bokeh Photography

Please salvage me from shooting bokeh again

Buildings Bokeh picture

Sparkly bits

Sparkly Bokeh


Dock Scape Bokeh Effect

Fire and Bokeh by shaina74

Fire and Bokeh

Paris Bokeh streets

Paris Bokeh streets

Thalatta! The Sea

Thalatta! The Sea

Red 1989

red shoes bokeh

Fence of Light

light fence bokeh

Golden Bokeh for Dinner

Golden Bokeh for Dinner

In the fields

Fields Bokeh

Honest Toronto…

Honest Toronto Bokeh Effect

Blue hour

Blue Bokeh

Black bokeh

Black Bokeh Picture

Odd Situation

Odd Situation Bokeh photography

Extreme Vine

Extreme vine bokeh

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