By developing a suitable application, you can efficiently improve your business values and branding. For this reason, businesses are rapidly choosing mobile application development to get a notch higher.

Although there are several experienced and skillful developers available out there, hiring them to get an app developed could set you back a hefty amount, which is not a justifiable expense, especially for startups and small companies. This has certainly added to the need of DIY (Do It Yourself) approaches that can enable anyone with little or no programming knowledge to create a desired mobile application.

Fortunately, there are several DIY tools and frameworks that make mobile application development a simple and effective task without leaving the quality behind. What is the most impressive thing about these tools is that they offer a lucrative solution without demanding the high-end programming skills. Yes! It may amaze you, but it is true that we have a slew of worthwhile application builders that can help accomplish the creation of a professional and highly function mobile application with a flair, even if you won’t have any prior experience in the field.

However, it is imperative to stay clean with your application idea, including what type of app can benefit your business – native, mobile web, or hybrid. By having a precise knowledge about the three types, you can easily choose a suitable option.

Types of Mobile Apps

Once you are clear with the type of application, you can begin designing it without getting refrained with the requisite coding job.

  • Native Apps: These are the applications that can be downloaded from the specific application stores like the Apple App store for iOS applications, the Google Play store for Android applications, and so forth. They are capable of integrating the native functions like GPS, Camera, etc., of a device, and offer an advanced UX.
  • Mobile Web Apps: The mobile web applications can be described as the mobile optimized websites (the mobile version of a site). They run over a web browser like Chrome, Safari, etc., and thus, don’t need any space on your device. In fact, users are not even required to download them, only the Internet connection is needed.
  • Hybrid Apps: This is a category that exists somewhere in between the Native and Mobile Web applications. It is build using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript technologies, the same web technologies that are used for developing mobile web apps. However, they offer refined UX by allowing a seamless access to the native functionalities of a device.

With the advancement in technology and the surging demand of mobile solutions, there is no shortfall of suitable tools and services. To help you choose a prolific option, I have compiled a list of the best application makers across the globe that facilitate mobile application with a flair. Let’s explore them.

Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie

An awesome self-service application development tool for businesses, Mobile Roadie is one of the popular tools for developing a powerful and feature-rich app. It offers a slew of advanced functions, including news updates, mobile marketing tools, etc., that can efficiently cater to your professional needs. It also supports the streaming of multimedia files and comes equipped with analytics tool that helps one to scour the app users’ info, and accordingly enhance the application functionalities.


Mobile App Creator

Shoutem is an app maker platform that allows you to create mobile apps for Android, iPhone/iPad and HTML5 web apps, in an easy way using a drag-and-drop builder so no coding knowledge is required. With the range of features like Loyalty, E-Commerce, Social, News, Deals, in combination with powerful analytics, push notifications and multiple monetization options, you can engage users in a great way.
Shoutem also offers a reseller program that allows you to generate more revenue by building white labeled apps for your clients.

Salesforce1 Platform

Sales Force 1

Salesforce1 Platform offers an invaluable business solution for developing custom-made applications to proficiently serve the needs of customers, employees and other business peers. What makes it deliver an outstanding performance is the way it integrates your back-end tools, offers options for APIs and services, and synchronizes data from your workstations.

Just a few clicks and you will have a functional application ready. While augmenting agile app development, it also supports various mobile platforms. Although to reap its benefits, you have to invest in a certain amount, and its services are absolutely worth its price.


App Geyser

AppGeyser is a free mobile app development service that can flawlessly transform your website into a mobile application. A few simple steps and you will have a functional mobile app, corresponding your website, ready. Moreover, it also helps promote your business by allowing your app users to share your application across various social networks.



Jam-packed with an extensive variety of building blocks, including eCommerce, appointment scheduling integration, and more, Como is a stunning app maker that is powering over a million applications. It features seven distinct templates that can be accompanied with various styles of navigations, hues, icons, and background images. Thereby, allowing you to showcase your creativity and generate an innovative design. Furthermore, it is hard to overlook the Success Guarantee feature offered by this tool.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie

An exquisite cloud-based tool that allows one to efficiently develop applications without getting stuck into a hardcore coding. While supporting popular mobile Operating Systems, it also streamlines the process of publishing the apps in the respective app stores. You can design your app with a flair by implementing its simple drag and drop system. It delivers a great HTML based hybrid mobile application while taking your design into consideration.

iBuild App

iBuild App

iBuild App offers application development solutions for free. You can proficiently develop both Android and iOS applications with this remarkable tool. It allows one to design the application in a desired fashion and accomplish the development within a few minutes. It also facilitates app monetization, thereby making it a lucrative choice.



From designing to development, control each and every detail of your application without getting your hands dirty with code by implementing GoodBarber. It offers a brilliant platform and a list of resourceful customization options that lets you instantly design beautiful apps. For this, you just need to follow four simple steps and your application will be all set to hit the market. This includes a set of tools for app designing, content adding, result testing and launching the app.

App Makr


App Makr is yet another free DIY tool for creating strong native applications for either Android or iOS platforms. You can tweak the look and feel of your application as many times as want, until you get satisfied. The platform supports businesses with cutting edge mobile app development, while offering a plethora of quality features. Whether you want to personalize your application design in a desired manner or monetize it to generate a greater ROI, App Makr is a reliable tool that delivers superlative performance.


Mobin Cube

A highly innovative tool that offers brilliant mobile application design and development solutions for everyone. Yes! You read it correct, everyone. No matter if you are a novice or an expert in the field, its outstanding features will surely impress you and help you accomplish the application development task without compromising with the appearance.


App Yourself

The well structured and intuitive interface of this tool makes it extremely easy for anyone to design and develop a suitable mobile application to leverage his business. It is extolled for offering an effective and instant support service, and the built-in online store module.

Bizness Apps

Bizness Apps

Whether you are seeking an application maker to develop an app for a restaurant, real estate or any niche business, choosing Bizness Apps will definitely help you achieve your goals with ease. It offers a great freedom to design and tailor the visual appearance of applications in an impeccable way.


Game Salad

No doubt, the gaming applications are the most impressive and interesting applications among the available categories. If you have an intriguing and highly interactive gaming app idea, and seeking a development tool that doesn’t demand coding expertise to proceed further, GameSalad makes a fantastic choice. It helps develop even the most challenging and complicated games with a breeze.



You can develop highly professional Android applications with Andromo. Whether you want to create an app to enhance your business productivity or to promote your business, this fabulous app maker makes a great choice for developing astonishing native applications. It is easy to get started with this tool, as it showcase a tutorial video that makes things pretty clear and simple.



Embed rich features in your application by developing with a tool like Appsme. It supports an array of resourceful functions, including loyalty schemes, mobile coupons, social media integration, push notifications and loads more. Appsme is around for a while now and has garnered a good reputation in the market by delivering award-winning mobile solutions.



Maintaining the database in an uncluttered fashion is one of the challenges that businesses often face. Zengines being a cloud-based platform scrutinizes the database management while leveraging tailor-made mobile applications. It, thus, makes an amazing tool for efficiently creating worthy online database apps.

Final Thought

Designing and Developing a stunning mobile application is no more a rocket science. Thanks to the incredibly useful tools available out there that offer a cost-effective way of developing requisite apps with a flair. Most importantly, these tools enable one to accomplish the task without even possessing any programming skills. I have unleashed a list of some hand-picked app makers that that can benefit your business. Go through the list and streamline your choice by taking your budget and business needs into consideration.

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