Business cards are the most mandatory element of today’s business. With the growing competition on the market, it has become almost inevitable to have a unique business card that actually stands out of the crowd.

There is no harm in having a plain and simple business card, as long as you get yourself the kind of business card that sticks in peoples mind and gives out the impression of being a good, quality and reliable business along with being interesting.

This way you may find that your business card will attract even more business opportunities than you can imagine. Spending wisely a little money on your business card design can make a huge difference to your business’ marketing which should not be underestimated.

This article is a follow-up to the Business Card Part 1 – Things to Remember while Designing a Business Card and Business Card Part 2 – Effective Networking through Business Card

An unusual business card has an amplified effect on the receiver, however, getting an unusual business card designed is a matter not to be taken for granted. Business success depends on showing potential customers that you are different and better than your competitors.

There are some big and small business owners who would want to get their business card designed themselves without any prior experience (most probably due to money matters), but that’s too risky. It can harm the image of your business real badly and can leave a negative impact on your clients – for good.

So, as a competitive businessman, you should cringe at the very thought of handing someone an ordinary black-ink-on-white-card-stock business card and think about the power of an unusual business card design.

Different is often better and thanks to today’s modern technology, entrepreneurs can embed or imprint their contact information on nearly every surface imaginable in order to make a  unusual business card.

Examples of Unusual Business Cards

unusual business card 1

unusual business card 2

unusual business card 3

unusual business card 5

unusual business card 6

Uunusual business card 8

unusual business card 9

unique business card 1

What is an Unusual Business Card?

This article is all about an unusual business card, but the query here is that what actually makes your business card an ‘unusual business card’? It is not easy to come to a conclusion and you will need to think thoroughly to find out what an unusual business card is in your opinion.

In my personal view, the kind of business card that engages its receiver fullfils the marketing requirements and is equally one-of-a-kind in design, style, material and printing is an unusual business card. If your prospect actually keeps your card, remembers that he or she has it and uses it later, you have got a winner.

Ideas for a Unique Business Card

ideas unique business cards

When we talk about having a unique idea about something in general, it means doing something or producing something which nobody has ever produced before. However, if we talk about business and things related to business, unique not only means that it has never been used before, but it should also relate to its roots and basic objectives as well.

Similar is the case with conceiving a unique idea for your unusual business card. It should not only be unique to the eyes, but also relate to its roots and fulfill its ultimate objective of marketing and promotion.

Here the question rises as ‘how to think of a unique idea for your business card?’ Well, first of all, brainstorm your business ideas and objectives thoroughly:

  • What particular kind of image you want to depict through the card that immediately tells the people looking at it what you do?
  • Is there something that naturally makes your card stand out?

If we look at it from a professional point of view, a clear and good looking design will be enough to make you stand out in the vast crowd of unprofessional cards around.

On the other hand, if we talk about a more competitive industry, you might need something little bit more unique and unusual. A unique idea for a business card design is something you have to brainstorm with your employees and the designer who is making it for you.

You may want to use different business cards for inspiration and just use them to see what others in your industry are doing. However, copying is hardly recommended.

An unusual business card is not just about the out-of-the-word design. It also means a different card in terms of:

  • shape
  • size
  • material

It is better not to make the design yourself and it is also equally important to get a professional for the printing purposes as well. It happens that you come up with the best, most unique design in the world, but by not having the right paper or card it is going to look flimsy and unprofessional.

It may be a loss of the credibility of your business which is very important for growth and sustaining your market share.

Pros of an Unusual Business Card Design

cool business card

•   Among the crowd of many simpler business cards, an unusual business card design gets noticed more quickly. If you are unable to put a solid impression on your prospect, a striking business card can impress him in your stead.

•   Uniquely designed and printed business cards are kept. It doesn’t matter if the receiver decides to contact you immediately or a bit later, it is important that he keeps it.

•   The material on which your business card is printed on matters a lot, because the ones printed on durable material (such as plastic or metal) last a long time wherever they are kept. They also give out an impression that the company it represents is as solid and consistent as its business card.

•   Often the business card material and design match with the kind of business you do. For instance, a wood furniture company can make a card out of wood, a software company can get a card looking like a microchip and you can probably guess what material could a leather merchant use – yes, indeed leather.

•   An unusual business card can give you multiple benefits, apart from marketing your business. For example, your business card can have a peel-and-stick backing, a bottle-opener, a mirror and even a small comb (depending on the type of card you get of course).

Cons of an Unusual Business Card Design

Cons of unusual business cards

•   The most important disadvantage of getting an unusual business card is that it costs you a fortune as compared to simpler and traditional business cards. First and foremost is the higher cost. You can get 1000 splendid full-color cards professionally printed in a very reasonable amount. It doubles the cost for business card stickers and quadruples for metallic, wooden or plastic cards. It also greatly affects the re-printing of the cards when you hire a new employee or if your contact information changes.

•   There are some materials used in the making of unique business cards that are less likely to fit in our wallets, card holders and ultimately in your client’s business card album. The result is that when a card can’t be placed into a business card album, it will be harder to find later on.

•   The readability factor is very low when it comes to certain materials on which you print, emboss or engrave, such as cards made of plastic, metal or any other hard material.

The Synopsis

An unusual business card is not a rare thing to be seen in the business world nowadays, however, here too quality matters a lot. If you are not able to get a unique design for your business card, then having a good shape or material may be the best way to go.

Quality business cards require a high quality designer as well as high quality printing as both go hand in hand. It isn’t going to be enough to have just one of them to make sure your potential customers see you as a solid and dependable business. A unique design is important, but not as important as making sure you get the basics right.

Also, it is important to remember that your focus should not be on the material, design or uniqueness of your business card. Business card is just a supporting material; the actual thing is the business it is representing.

If your product or service is not up-to-the-mark, then no matter how balanced business card you get, it will do no good to your business. If your company offers an exceptional product or service, you will grow just fine with the support of your non-traditional, professionally printed and unusual business card.

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