These days cameras are everywhere and new arrival of digital technology has reinvented the photography. Camera companies are making it difficult for a person who wants to buy a new camera with the availability and complexities of new models arriving on daily basis. If a person chose to go for images beyond a cell phone’s camera, he may find it very difficult when it comes to choose a model. The availability of so many models and various features can make a buyer go crazy.

When it comes to buy a digital camera, it is important that you know exactly what you need.  We have categorized the camera buyers into two groups though: Beginners and Semi-pro.  Both classes of camera buyers need to know different things before selecting a camera. This post will provide you with all the information you need before you buy a digital camera.

Type of Photography

A very common mistake camera buyers can make is to get a camera that is beyond what their need is. You need to ask a few questions from yourself to determine which camera is appropriate for you. Those questions are:

  • What do you want the camera for? Is it for professional photography or if it is just for having better quality personal pictures?
  • If it is for photography then what type of photography you plan to do like Macro, portrait or landscape etc?
  • What will be the conditions of using camera mostly like indoors, outdoors, bright light or night time etc?
  • Will you be using the camera largely on auto mode or you would prefer using the complex features?
  • What kind of features do you prefer in your camera?
  • Does the size and portability matter to you?

If you ask these questions before making a decision for your new camera, you will be in a better position to choose. This will also help the salesman to show you what you actually need.

Type of Photography


Price is one of the basic factors that help you determine the type of camera you can have. First write down the budget you have and include the price of different accessories you might need to buy separately. Then make a list of potential cameras that fall into your budget. Remember that you do not have to buy the highest priced camera according to your budget; you may spend some money on the body itself and buy an additional lens for your camera.

Sensor Size

Metaphorically speaking we can call the sensor as heart of a digital camera. Sensor size is more important than megapixels. The noise in your pictures and film depends on the size of sensor used in your camera. The larger size of the sensor will result into better quality of pictures. Do a research about sensor used in the kind of camera you are about to purchase.

A man cleaning the sensor of the camera

Image: courtesy of Berlarijauh


In the recent years of digital cameras, megapixels were given so much importance. But recently very large size of pictures can be actually considered as a negative point as the pictures will be consuming more space in memory card. You need to determine that whether you plan to go for print shots or not? If yes then how large you need the image to be? Mostly anything more than 4 megapixels works just fine if you plan to print images.

Optical Zoom

Cameras include two types of zoom; optical zoom and digital zoom. The optical zoom is certainly better than digital zoom. Cameras with digital zoom make your pictures bigger but they also make them noisier. Optical zoom of 3x in length is ideal, it makes the subject three times bigger. If you still want more big size then super zooms with 12x optical zoom are also available in market.

Optical Zoom of a Digital Camera

Image: courtesy of Static World.

Camera Build Quality

This is another important thing to consider before selecting a camera. Along with other features you need to make sure that how reliable is your camera. There are several camera manufacturing companies claiming for their cameras to be the best, but you need to compare all the prospective cameras in hand and then select the one with best camera build quality.

Comfortable Grip

It is very important to buy a camera that feels comfortable to work with. You need to consider the position of controls, style of hand grip and other features. If the hand grip or any other control is too big or too small, you will not be able to work with it up to your potential. Make sure if the controls are easily understandable, this way you will have no difficulty in learning them. Take as much time as you need to decide whether the camera fits in your hands or not.

Comfortable Grip

Camera Accessories

Do not forget about camera accessories while buying a new camera. Make sure that you know what accessories you are getting with camera. This is also important o determine the actual price of camera. The common accessories you get with camera are;

  • Camera case
  • Memory cards
  • Spare batteries or recharger
  • Lenses if the camera is DSLR
  • Other lens attachments
  • Filters
  • Monopods/Tripods
  • Reflectors
  • External flashes

Some retailers may includes extra price for accessories, you need to be certain about the price that company is offering and number of accessories included by default.

Read Reviews

Take a little time to read the reviews about the camera model you want to purchase. Do not depend upon the advice of salesman completely, as he may or may not be lying to you to sell that item.  Digital camera magazines and online reviews can help you find a camera of your choice. There are also some great websites available to keep you updated about digital technology.


Camera making companies are constantly in struggle to enhance their camera features, designs and picture qualities. Use this above information to buy a camera of your dreams and take your photography to the next level.

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