The blogs that treat the subject of web design are numerous (including Designzzz of course); they offer a large variety of tips & information and usually the quality is satisfactory. The good news is that, every day, a new quality blog is launched and the competition is harsh. In this over-competitive market there is a single winner: the reader, he is the one who decides which blog is worthy and deserve his attention and time. Each administrator or owner of a blog is constantly asking himself if the posts are OK and each comment of a user is studied in order to eliminate all potential errors.

A lot of my friends and readers are saying to me that somehow the posts of the web design blogs are too general and, in the most cases, they don’t offer a clear answer. Is this a true statement? I don’t know and frankly, it’s one of the most stringent questions of the design blogosphere. Definitely, this post can be categorized as having a philosophical influence rather than treating a web design problem but a good clarification of this can be quite a beneficial thing for any blogger/designer that enjoys publishing.

First of all, personally I consider that truly, the majority of the posts related to web design are offering generalities. I can’t ignore that there are also blogs which contain posts that offer solutions effectively and provide information about specific matters. Second, how to consider this fact? It is a sign of amateurism to publish generalities or is it a positive point? A precise answer isn’t possible, to find out, the comments/opinions of the readers are welcomed in order to establish a common conclusion.

Reasons to Write Generalities

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Any website, including personal blogs, depends on the traffic received, the number of visitors per unit of time. The more visitors come and land on a page, the more chances to be profitable the websites have. A web design blog is launched mostly to obtain traffic, which along time can be turned into a secondary/main income for the owner. Publishing articles which present professional and correct information but at a superficial level is considered the best opportunity to attract visitors which mean traffic and, obviously, money. We shouldn’t go to any of the extremities, on each blog there are posted enough articles that provide tips and best practices for very specific fields.

Having very personalized posts narrows the potential visitors and, in this case, the blog may be considered a hybrid between a blog and a forum so it is recommended to avoid it. A solution to reveal that a post has something to do with the reality is to present a general problem and, to better explain the matter apply the ideas to a real example and that is great!

In a nutshell, writing interesting posts from multiple but interconnected domains, presenting shallow problems (mostly to be commercial and easy comprehended by anyone) is the prototype of a successful web design blog. Keep in mind, write mostly superficially but not treat the posts superficially, it is a strong challenge and few are the winners.

Problems With Writing In-Depth Personalized Articles

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Having a blog isn’t equivalent with managing a paper magazine or a brochure; in the online universe, the matters are different, the great majority of the readers just scan the text and only few are reading the full text. An in depth article is of medium to long length and it can be boring for many potential readers, and that could be translated in traffic language as a serious loss.

There are specialists who are enjoying each word of a detailed article and their visits can contribute to good traffic but these posts must be written by other specialists which usually can’t offer their knowledge for free. Smashing Magazine is a living example of a blog who presents quality detailed articles and the traffic received is amazing: 230000 RSS feed subscribers and 313000 followers on Twitter. In conclusion, it is possible to manage a blog which doesn’t offer only generalities but it means a colossal work and patience.

What is Your Goal

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Another problem of a more personalized blog is to brand it as a free consultant and not a helping community. A post should offer precious pieces of advice but not good solutions. The role of a web design blog is informative and, in the most cases, it should be regarded as a place where the reader can find out novelties and information about his problem and links to other post which have a better relevance.

Did you notice that a lot of blogs inserted in text of the posts or at the end links to other articles which clarify the issues or help to a good understanding? Unfortunately, a good blog must be a good affair and there must be applied marketing techniques – sometimes even the quality may be neglected in favor of getting more visitors.

The recipe of success consists mostly of handling the marketing with the quality in such a manner to obtain an equilibrated balance. The blogosphere is evolving and its potential should be improved; please let me know how you see its evolution. Personally I consider that we can talk about an evolution when a blog isn’t considered by his owner as a pure affair or another source of information; it should be considered as a new improvement of the blogosphere or completing a missing component….do you agree with me?

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