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What is Kinetic Typography and How to Create it

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Have you ever watched a video that contained just text but looked insanely cool? Yeah, that was Kinetic Typography! Motion typography or kinetic typography creates an eye-gripping video and that’s why it has really...

60 Fresh 3ds Max Tutorials

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Here we gathered today Fresh 3Ds Max Tutorials Most of these tutorials are over hot, very recently made but some are a little older. The older ones are included for their extra ordinary results. Since this is a big colle...

Creating a 3D Waving Flag Animation using 3ds Max

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Today we’ll be making a flag of Designzzz and it’ll be waving on the flow of the wind. This tutorial is for intermediate and somewhat advance users. If you have watched my previous 3D tutorials you can do this easily...

Creating a Blast Effect Animation in 3ds Max

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Things have been static at Designzzz for 2 years now; so today, let’s make them a little more dynamic. We’ll create a Video Animation effect in 3D Max or 3D Studio Max. This is the ideal tutorial if you are a beginne...

How to Create a Deserted Landscape in 3ds Max

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This is a tutorial for creating a landscape in 3ds max. I chose the theme “deserted” but with a bit of tweaking, you can create absolutely any landscape in 3ds max. One thing I noticed after creating this tut...

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