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27 Infographics with Advanced Graphic and Web Design Tricks

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Infographics or information-graphics are easy-to-understand graphics that simplifies a difficult to understand concept. They enable us to understand the basic concepts, and learn the essential parts of the topic in focus...

Infographic: Evolution of Camera and Photography

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Information Graphics (commonly known as infographics) present a great way to bring in knowledge into a web reader’s mind. This is because people don’t read text on computer screens. Graphics make the information intu...

Designzzz Infographic: Latest Trends in Web Design

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As we enter the second quarter of 2013, we take a look back and observe which web design trends have ruled the first quarter and what you should be focusing on to stay ahead in the race. There are three things that have ...

Infographic: Does Design Matter?

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Designers always say that good designs are the “first impression” so they play a big role in the making or breaking of a business. But that’s a designer’s perspective… what the do the busin...

Infographic: History of Google Chrome

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Launched in 2008, Google Chrome has already become the world’s favorite browser. Its lightning speed, low consumption of resources, healthy addon features and Google’s name have all played their parts to make...

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