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University Web Design Showcase for Inspiration

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University web design or educational website designing is a bit different from other business web designs. These are a few examples for designing a website for a university, college or any other educational institute. Ed...

Healthy Looking Medical Web Design Collection

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Medical web design is different kind of web designing. You have to use colours and fonts wisely, and routine web design tricks don’t apply here. Health is a very serious and sensitive issue, so the design also has ...

Creatively Designed Real Estate Websites

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Real estate companies can make big bucks with only a few contracts… it means that every contract is important. And that means they need to create good first impression. For good first impressions, good real estate ...

Exceptional Collection of Green Websites

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They say everybody likes green, so everybody likes green websites. Here’s a showcase of web designs in green color. Green is the safest color of them all, when nothing else is working, add a shade of green and the ...

Using Water Color Effect in Web Design

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When you wanna do something out of the box, try water color effect. I remember when almost three years ago, Tayyab made an artistic collection of watercolor masterpieces. That post became such a hit that even we couldn...

12 Best Web Templates by Wix

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You know Wix, right? It is our favorite website builder. A great thing about Wix is their free web templates. Web templates are a great resource when it comes to designing cool websites… but as you’d know, mo...

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