This is a collection of Photoshop cheat sheets (also known as reference guides). A cheat sheet is a pretty handy resource for everyone who uses Photoshop but beginners and intermediate level users adore them the most. That is because these cheatsheets help Photoshoppers save time.

These cheat sheets help to learn and memorize the tricks which enable the masters to work at lightning speed.

If the cheatsheet is provided in text or PDF or high resolution image, it is  always a good idea to get them printed out and hang it around your computer screen. This helps easily refer to them if you ever need a shortcut. This is the reason they are called reference guides.

The biggest and most truthful cheatsheet I have ever seen is this one:

graphic design fun funny humor

I have it hanging in my office. Obviously I can hang it in my office because I don’t take clients now but this is something the clients need to understand. If you can convey to clients that this is how it works, we would save loads of time.

Let’s get back to today’s topic. We are talking about Photoshop and the best ways to use this amazing software.

Photoshop Cheat Sheets

Pen Tool Cheat sheet

Pen tool is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. This cheatsheet helps master this magnificent tool for masking and vector designing.

PDF Download

Black and White Effects Cheat sheet

This is a treat for photographers. There are many many ways one can convert a colored image into black and white, and there’s no easy way to remember all of them, except for this cheatsheet. This is not just a cheatsheet but you can easily copy the effects into your images, thanks to the PSD file provided by the creator.

Photoshop Effects

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Smashing Magazine produced this cheat sheet of simple keyboard shortcuts. Very simple, very useful.

PDF reference guide

Brush Tool Cheat sheet

Brush tool is another contender for being the most important tool of Photoshop. If you use Photoshop for photo editing (which by the way is its main purpose) than this tool would be the most important one for you. This cheatsheet helps you get a very good grip on this mother of all tools.

Photoshop PDF Reference guide

Toolbox Reference

Although this reference guide was made for Photoshop CS2, but almost all of those keys still work so it stays just as much useful. It is only available in online view but you can easily print it out. 

Photoshop Shortcut Keys

Lasso Tool Cheat sheet

Lasso tool, again a very important tool. This is one of the tools that set the foundation of your photoshopping career. So it is important that you grasp this tool properly.

Photoshop Reference Guide

Photoshop CS6 Cheat sheet for Dummies

This is called cheatsheet but it is mainly just a reference guide. It is extremely helpful for beginners but not too much for the pros. It is available in online view only.

Cheat Sheet

That’s it for today. Please do check this post after a month or so because I intend to keep adding Photoshop cheat sheets in this collection whenever I find one of good quality.

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