If you have a website or thinking about making one, you need to know how to choose a good webhost. And also, if you do have a website or blog, your webhosting needs sometimes change and you have to migrate to a new host that suits your requirements. This post will guide you in respect of choosing a webhost.

Let me be very clear, majority of the web hosts are liars. Almost every host claims that we are the best and our support is excellent and…. so on. So judging that which web host won’t hit your website in the back is quite crucial for everyone who owns a site. In this quick post you’ll learn that how to choose a reliable, full featured yet cost-effective webhost.

Review and Compare

rate and comapre web hosts

Before you choose a webhost, you must read its reviews. Web hosting reviews helps you to determine its status and ranking among the rest. Many websites provide these kind of reviews.

If you have a blog, reviewing blog hosting would be much better than reviewing just a web host.


checklist for selecting a web host

This is the checklist which should enable you to rate a web host. These are the basic functions and services that if a web host provides, then it can be considered amongst the good ones.

Disk Space

Most of the big names of this industry usually provide Unlimited disk space, but actually the ones that are very cheap (comparatively) and still provide unlimited amount of disk space, are liars. So if you don’t need a large space and don’t need to buy a pricey package. Go for something more economical but do consider the total disk space available.


This can arguably be the most essential thing for a website. The more bandwidth you have, the more number of visitors can view your website during a month. Unlimited is the best number here, but again, if your web host has a good reputation, then it means ‘unlimited’ otherwise, the web host must has something hidden in the TOS and will create a botheration later.

Uptime Guarantee

Uptime refers to the total amount of time that your website was online. Downtime is when the web host server was down thus your web was not opening anywhere. The magical figure here is 99.99%

Customer Support

This is where the giants fall. The bigger the company is, the less time support has for you. On the other hand, the big companies provide good service so you don’t usually have to contact support. My advice is that if you are new in this website business, don’t buy a package from the very big names, rather go for something that will have time for you when you need them.

Control Panel

Control Panel is not an basic need but it certainly gives a whole lot features, the most popular web hosting control panel is cPanel and you can find reviews for cPanel hosting. A cPanel host is likely to contain features such as:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • FTP access
  • Anonymous FTP access
  • Perl
  • CGI bin
  • SSI
  • Free Web statistics programs included
  • Shared SSL
  • Email hosting included
  • One-Click installers of popular internet programs (like WordPress)
  • Password-protected directories


I would say that if your web host has a good reputation, then just check the features and go for it, but if the reviews are not that great, don’t even think about buying a package, they are just selling headache.

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