I find myself banging my head into walls sometimes, over the simplest things of course. The reason is, I love to gift stuff to my close friends but some of them have those curious minds which require not the regular tingle.

Simply put, they’re artists, and if you’re not that creative yourself, you’re bound to have trouble thinking about good stuff to gift. You go to gift shops, see the regular mugs, cards, pens, wallets and wonder about the fact that your mates can make better looking stuff with their own hands. Sometimes you know what they want, but you can’t keep gifting the same thing each year after all.

Yet the good thing is that nearly anything remotely curious can be a good present for your creative friend. New tech, art, tools or even a game will do and if you couple it with their daily needs it can become something special.

So have a look around on our list for this festive month, you are bound to find something appropriate.

1. The Mighty Mug $ 19.99

This Mug’s been all over the internet for a while and yes it doesn’t spill… at least if you don’t intentionally want it to. People who work near expensive electronics can have some serious defense versus liquids now avoiding quite a lot of risk with this giant stay-put-tech mug.

It can’t be tipped from the sides but can be lifted straight up without a problem. Well, I’m sold, I’d say this one was meant for me.

Mighty Mug

2. IVSO 11000mAh Solar Charger/Bank  $16.99

A waterproof, self-charging Power bank! Nothing can be sexier than not needing a socket to charge your device. Use the gift of light to feel more independent with this nifty travel-friendly water proof, carbineer buckling sun of a gun. Oh, and anyone who can’t cherish a gift like this isn’t worth calling your friend either, so test your friendship with this one 😀

3. The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog Cards $22.35

Quite a name eh! This quirky and informative card game teaches you about typography and quizzes your knowledge about them. It can be played as a typeface memory game with twenty five pairs of cards each featuring snippets of information on different fonts – new and old. A separate leaflet has more details if you want to read up on the fonts for a bit. Definitely recommended for the Design savvy.

Designers Card gift

4. Lifetrons Multi-Tool Lightning Adapter $79.95

A multi-tool Swiss knife to tower above them all, this one lets you sync and charge your devices lightning fast, is easy to travel with and use on the go. Packs a slot for your Sim card as well, a much needed safe housing for those little vanishing rascals and also lets you dock your cell phone while it charges. Looks cool and works like a charm.

Lifetrons Multi-Tool Lightning Adapter

Lifetrons Multi-Tool Lightning Adapter

5. Pantone’s Rubik’s Cube

Though not a product this one’s a really epic DIY gift for your designer friends. Print out color swatches with their codes and paste them on a large 9×6 Rubik’s cube, making for a very thoughtful gift. The cube can be a fun way to pass time but also serves as a surprise inspiration for different color combinations.

Pantone Rubics Cube

6. Chalkboard Markers by Versa Chalk $17.74

This set of eight neon colors does the trick for all creatives. It’s versatile like the brand says, able to write on nearly every surface. The color is non-toxic, easily removable and is perfect for any type of temporary sign making. A best fit for any pen hobbyist!

Chalkboard Markers by Versa Chalk

7. Optimus Popularis: $710

Optimus Popularis

Oh Yes, it’s on the pricey side, but man is it gorgeous and can it do magic.

This programmable and ergonomic keyboard is simply mouthwatering; each key has a separate screen that mimics the functions of the software you are currently on. That means the ‘c’ key in Photoshop will show a crop symbol and every time you switch to writing text, it’ll revert back to alphabets – it’s intelligent.

The sweetest thing is that you can customize each key separately as well, even the font, its color, its image or its function.

Here’s how Photoshop looks

Optimus Popularis photoshop

If you’re a gamer, then yes, each button will do THIS!

Optimus Popularis gamer

There’s also an interactive touch bar at the top, which Apple’s new MacBook stole by the way. This function adds the cherry on top of it all.

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