The effective creative outdoor ads series was one of our most popular posts ever. And so Back by public demand, here we are, making another handpicked collection of clever and genius creative print ads from all around globe.

I decided to make one more episode of the series back then when I saw your response, but got late while making the Free Adobe Photoshop e-Book. Since that book has been published, I’m free to perform all these belated tasks.

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Fuji Finepix: Arena

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Utopolis: Group of Cinemas

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Towel Ad: Printed Towels

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Baygon: Insect Killer

Baygon Insect Killer Hilarious Adverts

Verbal Abuse

Conceptual Advertisement

Lazer: Bike Helmets

Lazer bike Helmet Funny Ad

Rotana Sandwich

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Burger King

Mcdonald buying burger king's burgers

Power Bar

power bar great ad

Mr. Clean Crosswalk Ad

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Job Consultancy

Career Builder Conceptual Ad

FedEx Truck Ad

Funny Ad

Panasonic Lumix Camera: Face Recognition

Panasonic Lumix Creative Ad


Adidas Conceptual Print Advert

Bern Airport Bus

Airbus Conceptual Advertisement

Nikol baking dish: Jacuzzi

Niko Baking Dish Hilarious Print ad

Glassex Window Cleaner

Glass Cleaner ad


Please Help Him

Funny bus door ad

Dog Food: Bad Food Bad Dog

Dog food commerical

Strong Beer

strong beer urinal ad

FM Radio: Comedy Station

Fun FM Radio Advert

Bolt Detergent: Smells Gooood

Bolt Detergent Smells good

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