Nothing can really wake you up and make you keep working besides a hot cup of coffee. You need this fuel to stay up to your potential for the rest of your day. People who spend most of their time in front of PC cannot imagine starting their work without a cup of coffee. If you are still in a habit of taking your coffee out of plain cups, just have a look on the exquisite cup designs in this article, and you will definitely think about changing yours. Coffee cups are available in a great range with diverse designs and efficiency. It is not sufficient that you possess a cool coffee mug, the point is that you should be able to use it at ease. These coffee mug designs contain panache and creativity along with easy to hold and usage tools.

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The choice of your coffee mug denotes your style and personality. So do not just go for any coffee cup design, but the one which represents your personality in the best way. There are a few important points that you should be thinking through before selecting your coffee cup; the purpose of coffee mug is to keep the coffee warm for a specific amount of time, so do not go for a cup that fails to fullfil its basic purpose. If you are in a habit of taking a sip and then put the mug down for uncertain amount of time, then you should go for cups with narrow openings so that your coffee doesn’t lose its taste and hotness. Always consider the height and width of coffee cup while selecting one. Choose a cup with more height than its width as less exposure of coffee will keep it warm for longer. But if you prefer your coffee instantly then select a mug with wide opening, large cappuccino style mugs are best for cooling your coffee in less time.

If your work demands a lot of traveling then there are several mug designs (mostly made of stainless steel and porcelain) for carrying your coffee where ever you go. These mugs also contain vacuum insulation that can keep your coffee hot for hours. There are also several mugs available with different kind of statements. You can choose a statement mug with some funny quote on it and smile every time you take a break to have a sip. You should not go for same design, color or style when it comes to coffee mugs, if you stick to the same choice that would stop you from enjoying the versatility and fun, eventually make it boring for you to have coffee. So have a bunch of coffee mugs with unique and amazing designs and keep changing them time to time. This will boost your creative thinking as well place a positive impact on your creative ability.

While selecting a coffee mug, go for style that best suits you as well consider the functionality of that style. Check the examples of stylish and creative coffee mugs below and select a perfect one for yourself.

Coffee Cups

Life savers of every computer person.

Life savers of every computer person

The ultimate coffee cup.

The ultimate coffee cup

The master handle.

The master handle

Something for the geeks.

Something for the geeks

And how can we forget photographers.

And how can we forget photographers

The cup with a biscuit pocket.

The cup with a biscuit pocket

Outstanding… stand.

Outstanding... stand

Even though a simple quote, but that quote is awesome.

Even though a simple quote, but that quote is awesome

Another one with a biscuit pocket.

Another one with a biscuit pocket

Lego anyone?

Lego coffee cup

Same coffee cup, another dimension.

Same coffee cup, another dimension

Cool Coffee Cup… Check!

Coffee... Check!

Pull, in case of emergency.

Do not pull

Rubix cup.

Rubix cup

Ideal for tea bags.

Ideal for tea bags

Cool handle.

Cool handle

Alfredo family makes these cups.

Alfredo family makes these cups

Self stirring mug.

Self stirring mug

Nice handles.

Nice handles

Keep your battery level full.

Keep the battery full

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