One thing that I can say with authority about web developers is that we know how to have fun. The problem is that no one understands our fun.

But since we’re all web designers and web developers here at, I thought it would be a good idea to share some fun that only we could understand.

We’ve been sharing a few punny and humorous posts that you guys have really liked. So now I’m making a habit of creating such posts.

Today’s post is a collection of comics, jokes, funny pictures and even funny texts and quotes that only us developers and programmers can understand. If you are one, you’ll love this post.

I wanna clarify one thing which is that I took most of these images through social media so I’m unable to give credit to all of them. If you know the creator of any of these comics and jokes, please do comment so that the creators can get their due. Thanks.

Funny Pictures for Programmers by Programmers

web developer funny image

You know how it happens sometimes. You’re working and everything is running fine but then suddenly that deadly blue screen pops up and ruins all the fun. Here we see no one is exempted from that.

Funny blue screen of death

Thanks to Thunder of Strix

We all have had our share of error messages and blue screens…. how about we combine them?

hilarious BSoD error

I usually don’t include any toilet humor in my posts… but then something like this comes along.

Toilet humor

Ever done keyword research?

SEO joke

What were Matt Cutts’ first words?

Matt Cutts first words joke

And if we’re explaining SEO, we shouldn’t forget SMO.


Truth has been spoken in this image.
Note: If you are not a programmer, you cannot understand this.

Funny Programmer

I’m happily married, but my wife has doubts.

Romantic Relationships of Programmers

Thanks to Brendon Underwood

She should have been clearer.

Programmers wife

My wife often tries to get me to go to sleep early and wake up early… she just doesn’t understand.

Why programmers stay awake

We were just talking about blue screens. Here’s a cool BSoD joke.

Chuck norris joke for programmers

It’s true then.

Binary code funny

Only a programmer can understand this joke.

Object oriented programming joke

Oh my God, yes!

OMG yes

That’s my definition alright.

Definition of a programmer

Ever wondered what is the difference between a hacker and a programmer?

Programmer vs Hacker

Now I’m gonna through some pretty cool punny CSS codes. If you like them, you can visit the whole showcase on our CSS jokes page.

Ever since I got married, I realized how true this code is.

Wife joke

That’s deep.

Funny CSS humor for programmers

Exactly! That’s how a true web developer is supposed to be.

CSS funny joke

Good artists copy, Great artists steal” – Pablo Picasso

Samsung steals from apple funny

We also published a pretty cool collection of pick-up lines that web developers can use.

Do you work on back-end?

Pick up line by a programmer

As someone who started his career on Macromedia Flash, this gets me.

Dirty talk of programmers

Let me fill your empty space.

This would give the best user experience.

User experience funny

Even I didn’t get it at first.

Pickup line only a programmer can understand

And of course, the most famous one.

Web developers pick up line

And, for the true programmers.


Now let’s talk web browsers.

Web Browsers Funny

What if browsers were celebrities?

Funny web browsers

Did you get the one with Matt Cutts? That was my favorite.

If you have any other comics, infographics or any joke, do share it with fellow readers. Use the comments box below.

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