This is the second of Effective Outdoor Advertisement series. Thanks a lot for the big bag of appreciation I received from you on the previous post.

This second part is not that much funny, but quite meaningful instead. Many firms do not like to have a funny advertisement, it just does not suit their objectives.

The designers then need to create a conceptual ad. This post will aspire you to create such advertisements.

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Don’t Over Speed

meaningful ad

Cat Food: Cat to Tiger

funny outdoor ad

WWF: Save Trees

wwf outdoor advert

No Dandruff

funny commercial


inspiration outdoor ad

Sharp Razor

LG Phone

mobile phone print ad


outdoor ad


toothpaste print ad

Hot Wheels

Borderless Printing

admirable print ad

Outdoor Equipment

Paint Job

pain advertising

Just One Bite

Samsung: Elvis in the Ear

samsung outdoor ad

Doritos (Wear)

funny shirt

Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer

print advertising


american stake ad

WMF Knives

Power Bar

power bar great ad

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