I said it in one of my earlier posts that conceptual photography isn’t really photography, its art!
You don’t ‘capture’ the moment, in here, you create the moment.  In conceptual photography, if you want your model to look that she feels as if she is flying, you do actually make float in the air and then take a photo. Transparent strings are used to do this sort of thing.
This is an expensive type of photography and you’ll need some good equipment to compete with the pros.

I love concept pictures, in fact I had so much fun collecting these pictures that I wanna convert them all into posters and completely hide the walls of my room. Then again, I’m not gonna be able to do that obviously, especially not after a brand new paint job.

The Parting

the parting, concept photo

My own fairytale

fairy tale concept


Black and white


concept photography

Sunshine Hair

hair like sunshine

Lift Your Head and Spin Around

freedom girl in outdoor photography


guy, bubbles, field and clouds


runing girl caught in outdoor photograph

Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light

boy in roots taking outdoor photograph

The Pinwheel Farmer

Pinwheel Farmer concept


girls captured in time

Snow Queen

redhead girl in out-door photograph

Take me away

freedom concept photography in outdoor photography

Autumn Feel

autumn feel concept

Into The Air

butterflies and cup concept


relaxing girl in outdoor

Wind Takes Dreams

cute baby wind concept

The truth story

little red riding hood concept

Letting go

letting go concept

Before the storm

white dress girl in outdoor photography

Gone with the wind

hair flying with wind concept

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