Have you ever wondered how to create a font? Of course, you have, every designer has had this question. Strangely, I just realized that creating a font isn’t that big a deal as I thought it was. So, I immediately decided to make a post on this topic.

Today, we are sharing a collection of tools and tutorials that enable you to create a font of your dreams, yourself. To create your font, you don’t necessarily have to buy a software or anything. Everything is available for free.
However, I have also listed the professional grade software and advanced level articles related to typography and typefaces.

We share loads of collections of free fonts, but for some odd reason, we never made a post enabling designers to create font collections of their own. Today that has changed.

This post is divided into two sections. In the first part, we’ll review the best tools available for creating fonts. In the latter section, we’ll cover the best tutorials available on the internet for creating fonts. So buckle up.

Tools to Create a Font

This is the tools section. The first tool is a freeware but the rest are paid. I have selected the best tool of each type. Best for MAC, best freeware, best premium one and so on. In total, they are 8 tools listed here that enable you to create own font.


This is an absolutely delicious software for creating fonts. The best part about it is that it’s 100% free.

It’s a Github project available for free and you can use it to create your font. Until a year ago, this program was not properly documented but now it is very well documented, making it an ideal tool for beginners as well, although it is designed for seasoned professionals.

FontForge is a free tool to create a font

Font Struct

This is another one of my favorite tools in this post. This one is also 100% free.

The great thing about this tool is that it is highly intuitive to work on. You just love working on it and creating fonts. It’s fairly simple but creates beautiful fonts. It is not as advanced as Font Forge though.

Font Struct

Meta Flop

This is an ideal resource for beginners. If you want to create a font in less than 5 minutes, this is the place you need to go.

This is a free online tool designed for beginners and beginners only.


FontLab Products

FontLab is the industry leader in font editors and font creators. They offer high-end solutions for designers and professionals.

Their product range includes:

  1. FontLab Studio: this is an advanced level tool for serious font creators. This tool costs $649/-.
  2. Fontographer: this is one of the most popular tools among designers for creating fonts. Costs $399/-.
  3. ScanFont: this tool converts bitmap images into fonts. This one costs $99/-.

FontLab offers many other products as well, most of them are paid and designed for serious users.

Fontlab products

Glyph Font Creator

In my opinion (which is completely subjective of course) this is the best tool to create fonts if you are on a MAC.

The pro version of Glyph costs about $280/- and mini version costs about $50/-. You can try both tools in fully functional 30-day trials.

Glyph font generator

Font Creator

This is a more affordable alternative than FontLab tools. Even though this tool lacks some advanced level features and functions, it has an intuitive design and makes the font creating process fairly simple and fun. This is the reason beginners and students like this tool a lot.

Font creator

How to Create a Font – Tutorials and Articles

Okay, you know the tools now, but is that enough? Definitely not. An architect can design a sky-scrapper using just a pencil and paper… I can’t even draw a straight line.

So, You Wanna Create a Font

No point hiding, this is my favorite tutorial on the topic, and that’s why I’m placing it on the very top of the list.

This is an in-depth article that covers not just a guide for creating your first font but also a detailed discussion on what makes a typeface look good. If you are thinking of making fonts as a business, then this webpage is a good place to start.


Create a font tutorial

How to Design Your Own Typeface

This is a nice little guide for creating fonts for absolute beginners.

This tutorial includes the step-by-step procedure of creating a font.

Font design tutorial

Create a Font on Wikihow

I know Wikihow articles lack the professional depth, but they do have their place when it comes to simplifying things. So if you are an absolute beginner with no idea how font making is done, then perhaps this should be a good place to start.

Note: this article provides only the very basic level knowledge. If you wanna create a beautiful font, you’ll have to study the articles featured above.

How to create a font

Everything You Need to Create Your Own Fonts

This is a pretty cool article. It’s highly detailed but simple enough for newbies as well. I especially loved their example images.

The screenshots are made using FontStruct (the 2nd tool in the tools section of this post).

Creating your first font

How to make a font in Adobe Illustrator

Many designers use Adobe Illustrator for creating fonts. And this is a tutorial that defines how you can do that as well.

Create a font in Adobe Illustrator

Creating a font in Illustrator

This is a forum discussion on StackExchange. Naturally, this is discussion is between professionals so it is not the ideal place for absolute beginners, but if you already are an accomplished designer, then it is a good resource for you.

How to create a font in Illustrator

Ultimate Guide for Creating a Font

This is the best article if you want to learn the methodology of font design. If you wanna create a font that actually looks beautiful and professionally crafted then don’t forget to read this guide.

Typeface Sketching

That’s all the resources we had for you today. I hope you liked the effort. If you’d like to say thanks to us for making this post, just share it on your social media accounts.

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