Create an Explosive Text Effect in Photoshop

Explosive Text Effect Photoshop Tutorial Easily Create and Explosive Text Effect in photoshop

An Amazing and easy tutorial on giving your text an explosive effect in photoshop by following 10 simple steps. This tutorials is written by Pawel Kiec from .
Pawel is an amazing guy with mind blowing tutorials and photoshop skills. Do pay a visit to his site im sure u will love it :).


Final Image Preview

That’s what we are going to create:

Step 1

Open up the Adobe Photoshop and create a new document with dimensions set to 1280x800px. Fill the background layer with black using Paint Bucket Tool (G).

Step 2

Create a text in the middle. I used ‘Myriad Pro’ font to create it. With size set around to 200pt.

Step 3

Click on your text layer and go to ‘Filter -> Distort -> Wave’ and use it on the text. Use high value for the max wave lenght (like 200) and lower the number of generators to 5. Your text should become deformed a bit. Duplicate your layer at this point. Make the duplicated layer invisible.

Step 4

Go to layer styles of your visible text layer and decrease ‘Fill’ to 0%. Then go to ‘Stroke’ and use the settings as shown below.

Step 5

Duplicate your layer with text again. Create another layer below it and merge them (click on text layer above the empty layer and press Ctrl/CMD + E). Do the same with the original text layer. Both layers shouldn’t have layer styles applied after that. Select first text layer (this one just above the background layer) and go to ‘Filter -> Stylize -> Wind’. Use ‘Blast’ for the method.

Step 6

Now apply an ‘Outer Glow’ for this layer with standard settings (it’s available in layer styles).

Step 7

Duplicate it again (place it above everything) and use the following setting for the duplicate:

Step 8

Turn the layer from the 3rd step to visible and place it above other layers.

That’s how it should look afterwards:

Step 9

Now it’s time for the background. Create a few circles using ‘Ellipse Tool (U)’ starting from the little one in the middle of the image. You can move your circles to the center of the image by selecting ‘Move Tool (V)’ and using its toolbar on top of the Photoshop. You’ll find there different icons to position you layers as you like. Once you have them go to ‘Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Hue/Saturation…’ and choose the red color. Move this layer above circle layers but below text layers. I also used a soft clouds texture in the background with low opacity to make it look a bit diversified.

Step 10

The last step is to paint some dots using ‘Brush Tool (B)’ in the middle of your image and go to ‘Filter -> Blur -> Radial Blur’. Use ‘Zoom’ as a method and blur these dots a couple of times.


That’s all. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.

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