Create a Burst in the Nebula Effect in Photoshop

Apologies for not making as many tutorials as I’m suppose to, during last month. Anyways, today I have something special for you. You’ll learn one new commands which I haven’t featured before: Pixel Coordinates. And we’ll also use ‘wind’ filter in a very unique manner.

This tutorial is mainly for intermediate to advanced users, but hey, beginners should also give it a try, I mean if one doesn’t try for the advanced level, how can he progress.

I used an image of a desert and converted into a bursting star… sounds cool? Why don’t you follow this tutorial then, it doesn’t take much time. And last but not the least, I’m anxiously waiting for your comments.

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Final Result

nebula star burst effect in adobe photoshop cs5

Ground Work

Once you have the background opened, go to File>Place and open the desert image. I scaled the desert image to the required size. Then, select Elliptical Marquee Tool, make a circular selection, then Press CTRL+Shift+I to inverse the selection and press Delete. We just need a circle, if you wanna use any other method to get your circle out, you are free to use that.

adobe photoshop effects in an easy way

Go to Image>Adjustments>Invert. Apply this filter when you Dry Desert layer selected.

adobe photoshop tutorials effects


Now Go to Filter>Distort>Spherize. Set it to 100% and press OK. But apply this filter again, this time the value is of 60%.

nebula effect in adobe photoshop tutorials

Time to Go to Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast and adjust the values.

fresh adobe photoshop tutorials

Right now, our planet has sharp edges, not realistic! Go to Eraser Tool Select the Faux Media brush and erase the edges of the circle so it’s not in a uniform condition anymore.

brush tool in adobe photoshop tutorial

Using Polar Coordinates

This is a command I haven’t used in my tutorials before. Go to Filter>Distort>Polar Coordinates and adjust according to the values in the image below.

july adobe photoshop tutorials

Result after Polar Coordinates. 

adobe photoshop tools Usage tutorials

Now rotate the image. Go to Image>Image Rotation> 90 Degrees Clockwise. You might be wondering that why are we rotating our image, but you’ll know in just a moment.  

rotating image in adobe photoshop

You should get this now. 

nebula star burst effect in adobe photoshop

Using Wind Effect

Go to Filter>Stylize>Windand set the values. Now you would realize that why we rotated the image earlier.

fresh and latest adobe photoshop tutorials

This is our result. 

adobe photoshop tutorials for beginners

Now rotate the image 90 Degrees Counter Clockwise. (basically we just reversed the rotation we made earlier.)

adobe photoshop tutorials for Professionals

Polar Coordinates, Once Again

Go to Filter>Distort>Polar Coordinates

photoshop cs5 tutorials

Color Balancing

Now our result is almost complete, just one thing left. Adding the magic touch! Go to Image>Adjustments>Color Balance and put these values. This color adjustment will blow your mind. But I’m not showing it in the next screenshot. We need to set color balance for Shadows, Midtones and Highlights.

perfect color toning tutorials in adobe photoshop

This is the background we are using, adjust it in whatever fashion you like.

how to change background in adobe photoshop


nebula star burst effect in adobe photoshop cs5

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