Prototypo: Invent Your own Fonts With a Few Clicks

Fonts speak louder than words, and that’s a fact. They’re very important in design. Ask any successful web or graphic designer and they’ll tell you the same thing.

It’s the gospel truth.

The reason for this isn’t far fetched- people nowadays are more aware of typography, design, and how the world looks around them.

So, a wise designer will never take with levity the part calligraphy or typography, or more simply put- fonts, plays in how successful a design will be.

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The Designer’s Dilemma

Due to the importance of fonts and its usage in designs, many designers have been faced with this single dilemma- what font or fonts should I use for this particular website or graphic design?


This dilemma has no easy solution, I tell you, it has given many designers many sleepless nights. There’s a wide variety of fonts to choose from and sometimes you might need some quality two different font type have. Trouble. The worst thing is the difficulty you’ll encounter when trying to create your own fonts. Sometimes you’d have to be an artist, or have drawing skills to create your own fonts. Think of the hassle you’ll encounter designing 26 letters of the alphabets alone!

It was very difficult, an almost impossible feat for the average designer, until Prototypo entered the scene.

Prototypo to the Rescue

Created in 2013 by Yannick Mathey and Louis-Rémi Babé, Prototypo basically is a web app that allows you to create your own unique fonts in your own unique way. You can call it whatever you like, and the changes are in real time. Here’s how the app looks like:



Prototypo has a responsive user interface which makes things easier. There are over 20 tools which allows you to modify the height, curve,  width and other parameters of the font you intend to create. Plus you don’t need to have any prior knowledge about drawing or calligraphy to use Prototypo, all you need is know how exactly you want your font to be.

Prototypo will give you three parametric typefaces to start with. You can play around with these, and by modifying their parameters you can easily create families of fonts and typefaces. If you can visualize it, with Prototypo you can “invent” it.

Try it yourself

Use the green controls below to test it out.

Prototypo 2

In addition to this, Prototypo automates repetitive tasks such that you don’t need to apply the same design over and over again to all the fonts. And after you’re done, you can export your personalized fonts to your website or desktop application such as Word or InDesign for use.

Prototypo was created in order to solve the difficulty encountered in creating new fonts. According to Yannick Mathey, Prototypo was built because “we were frustrated by the difficulty of finding original fonts perfectly fitting our specific needs, and the months it takes to draw custom ones”.

I leave you with this video. If you’re still in doubt, it will change your mind. Get ready to be wowed.

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Get cracking peeps.

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