Things have been static at Designzzz for 2 years now; so today, let’s make them a little more dynamic. We’ll create a Video Animation effect in 3D Max or 3D Studio Max. This is the ideal tutorial if you are a beginner in 3D animation. We only use the basic tools and no plugins or other such applications.

We’ll create a routine sphere circle and then blast it off so that Designzzz can emerge.

Final Result

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Lets Start

Create a sphere of radius 50 in perspective view port.


Click on the Spacewarp button in Create Panel, select Geometric/ Deformable option, click on the Bomb button and click in the view port to place it.

tutorial for beginners

3d tutorial

From main toolbar click on Bind to the Spacewarp button, then click on Bomb and drag to sphere to bind both elements together.

tutorial for newbie

Now click play to see the blasting sphere animation. But it is not good enough yet.

3ds max

Move bomb icon to the center of the sphere and set these values of the bomb space warp. Change the color of the sphere to red.

3d studio max

 Now get the track bar at 15 and render it.

3d studio max tutorial

In this render we see that it is not too much realistic. Let’s make it better – right click on sphere, click on Object properties and from motion blur section select Image option.

3d designing tutorial

Render it again at frame 15. Broken pieces are blurred and more realistic.

tutorial for beginner level

Now let write some text in the middle of the sphere. Set any font of your choice and set the size of text which should be smaller than the sphere. I set its size to 40, applied Extrude Modifier and gave it a value of 6.

3d max tutorial

3ds max tutorial

3d studio max tutorial

Move the text to the center of the sphere, then move the time slider to 15 and press F9 to render & see the result.


Click on Auto Key so that we can move the text wherever we want to.

3ds max designing

Move the track bar (Time slider) to 45, right click on text, select rotate and rotate the text to stand it up.

Now get the time slide to 70 and scale it to 300 times.

We’re all set and prepared to render the entire animation.

Press F10 and click on active time segment. Set output size to 640×480 and click on file button to save the file in any location (the best course of action is to use an AVI outpout type).

3d grapic designing for animation

3ds max design


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