Creating a Cool Break Dancer Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

Creating a freedom concept break dancer photo manipulation is something that almost all Photoshoppers want to do. When I started in Photoshop, I was no different so that’s why Designzzz is publishing this simple and cool photo manipulation.

Creating this kind of manipulation is not that hard and you can do it easily on your own photo, and you should try it. This kind of photo effect not just looks cool but they are very much commercial as well. Poster designs for DJs, Discos, Bands, Albums etc. love these kinds of designs.

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Final Result

Free photoshop dancer manipulation


Let’s start by placing this background on solid black color with the opacity of 12.

Free photoshop photomanipulation tutorial

Then I selected the Brush tool for making the Glow behind the dancer. Single clicks of  Soft Brush of Multiple colors work like a charm. There are many more sophisticated methods for creating this effect, but this will do for now. The important thing is it works and it is the quickest way.

Free photoshop tutorial of photomanipulation


Now we place our hero on the background we made for him.

Free photoshop tutorial

I Copied Dancer image two times and moved the 1st to 20 pixel to the right and moved the 2nd one to 20 pixels to the left. I set the Opacity to 20 afterward.

Free photoshop tutorials

I added some amazing brush strokes.

Free photoshop tutorial

Here is another brush stroke, I utilized some brush stroke Tips By Striking F5. Here I applied a single stroke and copied>pasted it, transformed and then erased the excessive parts.

Free photoshop tutorials

Another Brush stroke and now we are almost done.

Free photoshop tutorial

I placed the image in front of all the strokes. It’s looking good, Mr. Dancer!

Free photoshop tutorials

I selected the Pen Tool for making the additional curve for more details.

Free photoshop tutorial of photomanipulation

I went to the Paths Panel > right clicked on the Path layer > Stroke Path and then selecedt Brush & clicked on OK.

Free photoshop tutorial

We got a nice curve and we gave it a groovy green color.

Free photoshop tutorial

I selected Brush tool and made a stroke of glowing Brush with the following color and values.

Free photoshop tutorial and usage of tools

I applied the brush stroke with the following color around the hand.

Free photoshop tutorials

3D Effect

I grabbed an image, cropped it and applied a little Motion Blur with the following values for making the effect. This image will pass through the body of the dancer.

Free photoshop tutorial

I put the image around the dancer and transformed it.

Free photomanipulations tutorials

Copy the same image on the other side without applying the motion blur.

Free photoshop tutorials

Add the shadow with the help of Brush Tool. After that apply the Guassian Blur, Filter>Blur>Guassian Blur under the jacket of the dancer for making it more realistic.

free photomanipulation tutorials

Now comes the other image.

free photoshop tutorials

You can see how I transformed it.

free  photomanipulation tutorials

I selected another image but I don’t need the whole image. I selected only the interesting part of the image for making the scene more… cool.

Free amazing photomanipulation tutorials

I passed that part of image which I copied from the previous step.

free photomanipulation tutorials

I made several copies of the of the cut-piece of the blue image, but changed the color of the several copies by applying Color Overlay.

free photomanipulation tutorials

It’s done!

Free photoshop tutorials

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