Creating a Crunchy Grungy Typography in Photoshop


And finally, I’m back with a tutorial. I hope that from now on, I’ll be making these tutorials routinely and you’ll see them every Monday.

Today I have a typography effect for you. This is a Grunge Typography Effect suitable for creating high-quality billboards and print media advertisement campaigns. I designed it using only the basic beginner tools over which everybody has good command and a bit clip mask. I also added a depth effect without using any image in the background. Hopefully you’ll like it.


This is what we are aiming to make.

typography Design tutorial photoshop

Getting the Text Ready

Firstly open a blank document.

typography Design tutorial photoshop  tut

Select Text Tool By Pressing T. See how easy these steps are… 🙂

useful typography Design tutorial photoshop

Here I selected Brush Tool and applied these brush strokes of White and Grey colors on the new and Separate layer. You find these and many more excellent brushes in our Grunge Bundle.

typography Design tutorial photoshop

Then Right-Click on the brush strokes layer in the layer panel and Click on the Create Clipping Mask.

typography tutorials of photoshop

Now I grabbed an image with a few buildings and I placed over the text layer.

free photoshop text effect tutorials

Here, I repeated the Clipping Mask step again. Below you can see the result I got.

Adobe photoshop turorials

Special Effect

I selected the Brush Tool again and stroked it here and there.

Adding grunge smoke in photoshop tutorials

Now let’s add some color. These are plain brush strokes you see below, you’ll know what I’m doing in the next step.  Just remember, add these strokes on a new blank layer. Always always use a blank layer.

adobe photoshop tuotorials

I changed the layer style to Color Dodge. Now you know what I was doing.

photoshop tutorials


This kind of typography looks better with a background image, maybe a black highway in the night and this typography standing on the road. But I didn’t do that, just because I wanted to show you this depth effect. This effect also looks better on such backgrounds but then you never really experience its vitality so that’s why I avoided a background.

I selected Pen Tool and drew this path. A standing man in silhouette.

adobe photoshopshop type effect tutorials

Here I placed the man and filled a black color in it.

makig selection and coloring in photoshop

Now I made a duplicate layer of the ‘man layer’ by selecting it and Striking CTRL+J. Then go to  Edit Menu> transform> Perspective and then adjust the perspective as I’m doing in the screenshot below.

adobe photoshop tutorials

Final Result

Now you can see that the man is adding a depth effect in the result. Hope you liked it, as always please please do comment, your feedback is very important.

typography Design tutorial photoshop

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