Making a Plasma TV from Scratch

Today, we’ll be making a plasma TV design in Photoshop, and then we’ll make more useful by creating a billboard design out of it. Its a brief tutorial, good for beginners and creates a commercially effective design.

You would remember that I sometimes apologize for not finding enough time to work my tutorial hence the results are not that special… Today isn’t one of those days! I had time I think I have done what I could on this design. There are two variations which you can find at the end of the tutorial.


Boy & Football


Final Result

useful adobe photoshop tutorials all the time

How to Design a TV

Note: Today, the empty area on the sides of the canvas is black. It is usually gray but I have it black today because gray is not really good for tutorial screenshots, images get mixed.

I’m going to make a rounded rectangle filled with solid Black color.

Making plasma TV in adobe photoshop

Now I’m making another rectangle, filled with red color this time. I made it on another layer on top of the previous one.

making amazing Plasma TV ad in adobe photoshop

Creating a clipping mask now. You can do this by Right Clicking on the thumbnail of the red layer and then click on Create Clipping Mask.

amazing tutorials of adobe photoshop

It’s time to apply the Bevel Effect on the on both our black rectangle. We’ll do this by right clicking on the black rectangle layer and then click on the Blending Options.

making layer style in adobe photoshop

Next step is to draw a Rectangle over the black one, and fill it with white color.

Adobe photoshop tutorials

Making Your TV to “Stand” Up!

Now that we have made a screen of our TV (if doesn’t look like TV yet, don’t worry), its time we create a stand for it.

I’m going to make Rounded Rectangle at the bottom of the main black rectangle.

latest adobe photoshop tutorials

Now I’m filling it with a gradient. You don’t need to use the exact same colors, they depend on the background you are using.

adobe photoshop tutorials

Another Rounded Rectangle which is going to be the shadow of the stand.  Using two effects here, drop shadow and inner shadow.

Amazing adobe photoshop tutorials

Now let’s create a base for the stand. Drawing a rectangle would do the job.

Adobe photoshop tutorials of all time

Here I’m adjusting the perspective of the base.

Amazing tutorials

A little Bevel here is necessary.

how to apply bevel effect in photoshop

Using Stock Photos

I just grabbed a picture of a football (soccer) stadium and adjusted it in the main black rectangle by using clipping mask option. Place the stock image over black rectangle layer, right click and click Create Clipping Mask.

how we can make clipping mask in adobe photoshop

Here’s the Twist

I placed the same soccer stadium background on the canvas as the background layer, and a little bit of blur. Go to Fliter>Blur>Guassian Blur.

Amazing adobe photoshop tutorials

I also found a stock photo of a player. I removed the background and placed it here. I scaled just enough the it could seem like a 3D effect of player coming out of the poster.

Fresh tutorials of adobe photoshop

Some Drop shadow effect on the player.

Amazing adobe photoshop tutorials

Now I placed a football in front of the player’s foot.

how to add object in adobe photoshop

Speed Effect

We want our football to look like it has just been kicked. To do this, I just duplicated the Football layer by striking CTRL+J, and applied Motion Blur Effect on the the duplicate layer.  Go to Filter>Blur>motion Blur.

How we can easily apply blur effect in adobe photoshop tutorials

You’ll see the Football result in the next screenshot.
This is the time where you merge all your TV layers into one, that’ll just leave the background layer. We do this because we’re making a perspective on the whole Plasma TV. Go to Edit>Transform>Perspective.

Apply the perspective effect in adobe photoshop tutorials

Adjust it according to the picture in the background.

How we can adjust perspective in adobe photoshop

Final Result

useful adobe photoshop tutorials all the time


This is another design I made while creating this tutorial.

How to create a plasma TV in adobe photoshop

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