Fantastic and well designed 404 Pages!

It’s always fun, when you’re designing a website, to add a little bit of personality. It helps to remind visitors that the company behind the site is made up of people, not machines, and helps to add a bit of playfulness, fun and creativity. While most pages of a site will often need to be reasonably professional, the 404 page is usually a great place to add some of that quirky humour.

It’s important that the 404 page serves to let the visitor know that they’ve found a broken link, and has to allow them to return to the homepage (or suggest possible pages they may want to go to), but aside from that, anything goes. Sometimes humour and a bit of creativity can help to turn an experience that’s confusing and irritating into something a bit more interesting and fun. When you accidentally come across a fun, quirky 404 page, it can even be a bit rewarding as if you’ve discovered something that the creators of the site have hidden.

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If you’re looking to add an interesting, surprising and creative 404 page to your site, we’ve brought together a showcase of examples to help give you some inspiration. We hope you find the collection interesting and useful for your next project.

To check the 404 page, just click on the picture.






The Many Faces Of

Daily Mile



Cuban Council


Wild Gunman

Lost in Space



Have you found any creative, interesting and quirky 404 pages that you’d like to share? Please do let us know what you’ve found in the comments.

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