Really Really Creative and Funny Food Photos

This is a collection of creative and very funny photography with Food and drinks.

These photographers have used their amazing talent in giving these food items shapes and situations to make it humorous.

Some of them are specially great like marshmallows and oranges ones.

Click on images to go to original Sources.
Hope you enjoy them 🙂

.: OMG :. by ~Ytse80

orange creative humorous photography

Eggbert ‘Casanova’… by *Rerinha

egg casanova creative humorous photography

Don’t eat me by ~Kawaychelo-Yaoychelo

Apple creative humor photography

Massacre by *Alephunky

Marshmallows creative humor photography

You’re Toast. by ~cake-monsterr

toast humor photography

When McCain Smiles attack. by ~AppleSkins

smile creative humorous photography

Chick in Chains by *HerrBuchta

chicken creative humorous photography

Egglife – It could be worse by ~Bella-Irae

egg boil creative humor photography

Suicide OREO by *Rerinha

oreo creative humor photography

Apple A Day by *Doctor-Gus

apple art humor photography

The Cola Wars by *caycowa

cola wars humor photography

Cannibalism by *finkycake

stawberry creative humor photograph

Vampire Egg by ~partyeskimo

vampire egg humorous photography

Sausage Killer by ~andyy008

sausage creative photography

eat or been eaten by ~foorebellion

apple eat humorous photography

Tragedy by ~xMandaPanda

banana creative photography

How Orange Juice Is Made by ~ariesleovirgo

orange juice humor

Gummie bears play doctor by ~emma-frost

gummie bears creative photography

Awkward Moment by ~MegaSquishy

awkward apple bannana

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