Collection of Extremely Creative Bookshelf Designs ideas.

These are inspirational designs of bookshelves. You don’t have to be an interior design expert to admire them!

Even a for someone who doesn’t read much (like me) they are pretty fascinating. When I saw them, I immediately wanted to have a library at home… but then again, I don’t read much.

Whenever you design your next house, room or just a shelf, this is the way you should do it.

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Bookshelf Designs are not just for readers or bookworms, they increase the beauty of your home by a great great deal.

Bookshelf Designs

Bookworm’s Bookshelf

Read like a (bookworm) boss!

A Bookworm's Bookshelf design

Has been Read / Will be Read

Now that’s a cool way to organize!

Has been read, will be read bookshelf

Bookshelf Annotation

Got a comment? Have a thought?

Bookshelf Annotation Design Idea

Tree Bookshelf

Eco Friendly???? Maybe not.

Creative Tree shape Bookshelf

Handmade Stacked Tea Cups Bookshelf

Typical UK… tea with books.

Stacked Tea CUp Bookshelves

Whale Bookshelf

This reminds me of my first ever teacher. That person did actually look like a whale (for several reasons).

Whale bookshelf Design


This one’s my favorite!

T Bookshelf

Toboga Bookcase

That’s classic.

Elegant Bookcase Design

Circle Bookshelf Design

Anyone seen Police Story 3? Jackie Chan was stuck in a thing like this.

Circle Bookshelf Designs

Extreme Bookshelf

If you have books of different kinds, they all can easily be sorted here. Many places to categorize them.

Extreme wooden bookcase

Read Your Bookcase

Seems like the screen of a video game from the early ages.

Typographic Bookshelf idea

Face Bookshelf Mount

Oh Yeah!

Face Shaped Bookcase Mount

Equilibrium Bookcase

Be careful! Be very careful!

creative bookshelves equilibrium

Bookshelf or Desk?

Decide it yourself.

bookshelf or desk?

Angled Bookshelf Design

Cute, simple and sophisticated.

Angled Bookshelf

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