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We publish many inspiration posts for photographers and designers but for some time, we have not been able to do the same for web designers.

Things changed now and here’s a cool showcase of websites with large-sized headers. Header is the part of the website which contains navigation bar, logo, slogan and possibly a slideshow.

Theoretically a website should not have a large header, because header pushes the content of the website down under. But then again, design is an art and you are encouraged to break the rules, so some web designers did that and generated marvelous results.

You should also try this sometime.

Note: Large headers can look good on Portfolios and even corporate sites but never use them on web portals, their content is more important than the design.

Large Header Websites Showcase:

Space Tofu

The design a class apart. Technically sound, large preview, minimal, patterned, intelligently colorized and carrying all the other features that will make gasp a Wow!

webdesign tips

Worry Free Labs

Sketched graphics, a big slideshow within header, dark layout and all the elements that can make a design eye-catching.

Worry Free Labs

Curious Generation

Basically this site doesn’t contain any header. This is an inspiration for mixing header with content area intelligently. Notice that the navigation bar is not at the top.

large header web design

Summer Activities

This is a great example of using vector based design for header. Usually web designers tend towards bitmap graphics and vectors also work well.

web design

Colby James West

Sometimes designers have a hard time “sticking with the theme”. If you are such a designer, just have a look at this design and admire how this designer sticked with it.

web design with a large header

Feed Me Back

This is a service where designers can get feedback on their designs from other established designers. An excellent example for placing data in the header.

big header website

Lee Kirby Design

Honestly the header is not extra-ordinary in itself but with the solid black background and typography over that, below the header makes it quite intuitive.

minimal header


The content was powerful and that required a design that can do justice with it. And exactly that was done.

web design


Sometimes the simple works more than a catchy one.

Tips for Web Designers

TM Design

There is rarely a design which leaves me speechless, this design has done so. A simple bitmap can do magic.

web designer inspiration

1 Minus 1

If you want something out of the box, well here’s your dose of inspiration.

web design help


I’d recommend that you don’t make an experiment like this on client’s site. They normally don’t like this.


Wooh, I think the whole design is made keeping the logo in mind.


The reason I liked this design is because it is a header which seems to have been created by a print-media specialist. You should also give it a look.

web design

Cochemer Stadtsoldaten

First of all, I have no idea what this site is about, but hey! Design is a language we can all understand. The font selection, grunge, shadows and retro effects on the slideshow makes this design a splendid piece of creativity.

header web designing


Design to the limit, all the elements which can will look very very stupid if you tell somebody that this is what your webdesign will be like, but the results are nothing less than great.

indian design

Le Moulin De Sauvage

The color of green with superb brush-stroke play.

That Indie Dude

Wanna play cool? Here’s a design for you!

web designer tips

Home Design Find

A lot of elements blended in blue. The color of calmness. The inspiration is for using “overlay” and “color” blend modes in Photoshop while creating a web design.

web designer inspiration

 I Am Todd

Remember a few design earlier I said if you want a cool design, here’s one. Forget it, here’s a cool design.

 Cool design

Church on the Rock

That’s how you design. The theme of a religious organization, the element of eye-catchy design, elegance and user-friendliness, you can find everything that could be required for a church website.

 website designing tips

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