This is a list of creative web design ideas for inspiration of the web designers. This list contains web designs that were designed to show off designing skills more than anything else.

Such designs are ideal for portfolios because such designs can’t cater lots of content. However, they do look absolutely stunning, exactly what a portfolios need.
You may also call this collection a list of creative web design portfolios.

Usually, graphic designers like such web designs the most because it helps them show off their artistry. These designs are all about artistry, they are not about minimalism or simplicity. Each of these designs are made like Rembrandt made his paintings… lots of details and lots of objects.

It takes time to make such designs, but they’re worth it. It requires concentration, aesthetic sense and experience. But most of all, it requires inspiration. For the inspiration, I have made this post. Just take a look at the showcase below. I am sure it will aspire you to make some highly creative web designs.

A List of Incredibly Creative Web Design Ideas

For reaching the source page of any of these designs, just click on the title.

Some Web

There are so many things that can go unnoticed in this design. From that little piece of toast on the right to the coffee stains on the bottom.
The text containing the words “more than I do” is also pretty strong.

Creative web design

Portfolio Project

This is another creative web design with a coffee cup. I don’t know what’s this connection between coffee and web design, but I can tell that this it is an unbreakable connection.

creative portfolio web design

Vintage Web

If you are a fan of vintage themed designs, then you gotta love this stained old half postcard half calendar design.

vintage web design

Hitman website design

Everybody has a website these days, why not a hitman?

hitman website design

Created 201

This is a 3D web design. I’ll soon be making a collection of 3D web designs, meanwhile check out this one.

3d creative web design


This is a fun groovy effect that is usually reserved for dance and party related graphics.

vegaone web layout

Book Store

The scroll design adds a lot of class to it but the detailing is amazing. The shadows, the background… everything is awesome.

book store web design

Kids forum

Personally, I don’t like this design very much. Particularly, I don’t like the combination of white text over sharp pink, but it has its own uniqueness and of course you can disagree with me so I added it.

kids forum design

Map Commission

This is another one of those 3D creative web designs. I think the whole layout can’t be called truly 3D but if we look only above the fold, it is 3D.

map website design

Brightful – Design Studio

I found this web design creative for one reason only, the square bokeh like effect behind the logo.

studio website design

Duirwaigh Studios

This is pure art.

studio web design


Once again, it’s the details that matter.

for futura template

Barbroute Design

This design is as crisp as a modern design but the effects are of sketch and paint.

Barbroute Design

Junk Design

Aaand we have a coffee cup once again.

junk web design

Creative Flu

I don’t appreciate the name if this design, but the design itself is worthy of it.

Creative flu web design

Have you ever seen a TV like this one working? My grandpa had one. Whenever it was a little stormy outside, the picture on TV started to swirl. It was ridiculously funny.

out of the best creative web design


I’m not much of a fan of wearing ties but I like this design. The use of negative space is awesome.

tie and shirt website design


This design has an ideal balance of funk and innocence in it. I loved it for that reason only.

shelf web design

Imagine Air

The header is everything here. It is 90% of the design. No, make that 99%.

imagination web theme

Personal Portfolio

Sometimes you need a business card like web design because you want the reader to get the message in a brief period of time. This design works ideal for such occasions.

personal portfolio design

This is a cartoon and drawing styled creative web design.

model web theme


Here’s something for dark web design lovers.

Portfolio by stezy

Airborne Portfolio

Here’s something for bright web design lovers.

airborne portfolio website layout

Bleeding Star Clothing

This design has a mixture of love and grunge. I loved this unique combo.

clothing web design


That’s a bold use of colors.

creative orange web design


The design is a little old, but it is worthy of being featured.

real estate web theme

SLC site

Another design of the SLC company.

slc creative web theme

Art-themed template

For an artist’s blog.

art themed template

Erguvan Platin

This is a combination of watercolor painting effect with trees.



Creativity is might, might is right.

mockup web design

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