Crepuscular rays, also called God rays, are sort of a natural phenomenon. They can be found in all corners of the world, in cities as well as jungles.

Crepuscular rays form whenever there’s such a distortion in sun/moonlight that makes it look as though pillars of light are stretched out. This distortion can be caused by clouds, trees, windows of a building anything of such sort.

Cinematographers, artists and designers have continuously been inspired with this pattern of light and they have used it to symbolize hope, strength, peace and many other things.

There’s another thing called Anticrepuscular rays. They are almost the same as normal crepuscular rays but don’t converge from the sun or moon, rather they converge from the exact opposite point (called anti solar point). These rays are not as strong as normal crepuscular rays and they are only found stretched along the sky. Twilight hours are ideal for observing them.

Photography Tips for Capturing Crepuscular Rays

The first rule is to be on the right place at the right time. That’s not really a tip but really, you have to be lucky to find these rays in such a way that they make a good pictures. Some photographers openly suggest using dodge and burn tools (from Photoshop) but I find it unethical. I suggest we play with contrast.

One trick of using contrast effectively is underexposing the photo by 1EV, and then enhancing contrast via software.
You can also work with HDR if you’d like.

Second, and most basic rule of photographing light rays is that you need to focus on light, not the landscape, not the background, just light.

A little tip is to find places which have a little bit of mist. That maybe smoke, fog or even dust. Light rays look amazing with mist.

Place yourself in a shadow. Your lens shouldn’t be in the light.

I guess there’s nothing much else to discuss, so let’s get going towards the pictures.

Pictures of Crepuscular Rays

Morning Glory

This is an early morning photo by Stephen Emerson. The morning fog was just about to evaporate but Emerson was too quick for it.

Morning Glory by Stephen Emerson

The Beauty of Light

Bart Ceuppens captured this photo. It was chosen for the HIPA photo contest and was chosen for the annual book.

The beauty of light by Bart Ceuppens

Twelve Apostles

This photo is reedited by Bipphy Kath but it is not an HDR.

Twelve Apostles by Bipphy Kath


La Mo is credited with this wonderful photo.

Praying by La Mo

Raging Light

Martin took this amazing shot. Of course, these lights are not the sun or the moon, they are headlights of the vehicles buzzing along across the road.

Raging Light by Martin

Skye Island

This is a photo by Andrea Auf dem Brinke (and we thought Sri Lankans had long names).

Skye Island


Svein Nordrum took this beautiful crepuscular lights photo of a man setting off for skating.

Skating by Svein Nordrum

Amazing Earth

Rick White and his wife went on an amazing adventure in Indonesia. They have also made a video their journey, which you can check out on Youtube.

Amazing Earth by Rick White

Moraine Lake

Ted Gore couldn’t resist capturing the majestic scenery when he went to Moraine Lake. This image is edited to look darker for a forceful impact.

Moraine Lake by Ted Gore

Yellow Leaves Rays

Lars Van De Goor captured this photo. This is lightly after sunrise.

Crepuscular Rays Through Yellow Leaves by Lars Van De Goor

Walking Under The Ladder Of Light

Another one by Lars Van De Goor.

Walking under the ladder of light

Rays of Light

A photographer (did not disclose their name) from South Korea took photo.

Rays of Light

Rays of Storr

Scottish mountains of Storr captured by Gary Howells.

Crepuscular Rays of Storr by Gary Howells


Marcin Sobas captures rays of mystical light one a mountain range.

Rays by Marcin Sobas


Charungroj Bunphabuth captured this in Loei, Thailand.

Ray by Charungroj Bunphabuth

Morning Rays

Daniel Řeřicha captured this amazing shot in the home of mountains, Switzerland.

Morning Rays by Daniel Rericha


Krzystztof Browko was at the right place on the right time.

Mists by Krzystztof Browko

In The Autumn Forest

Daniel Řeřicha comes back with another Swiss photo.

In the autumn forest

Call of Wilderness

Dare Torensk goes into the jungle to capture crepuscular rays.

Call of wilderness by Dare Turnsek

Red for Rest

Lars Van de Goor hits back with another masterpiece.

Red for rest by Lars Van de Goor

Pans Residence

Once again, it’s Lars Van de Goor.

Pans Residence by Lars van de Goor

Different Worlds

Remus Tiplea creates a gloomy but peaceful photo.

Different Worlds

That’s it for now. Guys, please comment. Your comments make our efforts worthwhile. Thanks.

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