Every designer makes mistakes at some point in his career whether he or she expresses it not. While studying graphic designing you learn several DOs but to learn all the DON’Ts, you have to go through those mistakes first. The best way to know all the mistakes a web designer should avoid, is to conduct numerous experiments until you find a best solution. You learn something new every single time you make a mistake, so don’t worry if you fail to get the expected result. You simply need to stay focused to certain points and take a few precautions before completing your project in order to avoid any future embarrassment or criticism from clients. This article will enlighten you about all the mistakes a web designer can make or goes through at least once in his/her career. Here is a list of all the things which fall in the category of crimes or mistakes of graphic designing.

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Working without a design brief

A design brief helps the designer in gathering all the necessary information and requirement of that design. Starting with a design brief will help you see through the whole process and will stop you from neglecting any important or minor detail about the project.

Confusion is a designer killer

Unawareness of your audience

The aim of graphic designing is to communicate with the desired audience through your design. So always be aware of the people you want to mark before formulating a design. Make your designs as applicable and related as possible to the people you are selling your product to. If you fail to do so, your design will come out as weak and irrelevant.

Not maintaining a contract

As a designer you face several payment issues, the result of not maintaining a contract may leave you lose all your hard earned money. So always maintain a contract with your clients even if you trust them.

Not setting deadlines for projects

Create a habit of setting a deadline for your design, other than the deadline given by client. If you set a date for completion of your project before the original deadline, it will not only give you time to review your project but also will give you a chance to work in an easy environment without client’s pressure.

Physical Comfort

Saying no to Clients

Always work when you are physically comfortable, it will enhance your creativity and potential to work. If you have problems like tiredness and sleep deprivation, you will not be able to focus and so the result will not be impressive enough.

Not knowing your client

Many designers make the mistake of being detached to their client due to their shyness or any other reason, this can be harmful for your professional life. Better communication is the key elementof good designs. Less communication can make your client uneasy, also it can deprive you of many minor and important details about the project. After the completion of project, you should take their feedback, as it will save you from any future criticism of client.

Not staying up-to-date

A designer needs to stay up-to-date all the time due to the aggressive competition now a days. Everyday technology is becoming more advanced and evolved. You will lose the competition if you fail to stay in touch with latest advancements.

Not using right fonts

Using the right font

Always focus on your font’s suitability and usability while working on your project. Every font represents a certain meaning a feeling, consider it before including it in your design. Before selecting a font style also do a research to determine if its excessively used or unprofessional.

Keep it simple

Many designers make the mistake of making the design complicated and more colorful than it has to be, it can make the viewers confused and your message will be hard to understand. Never underestimate the power of simplicity and make your design modest and easy to understand. You do not want to create ananarchy of colors and typefaces.

Not having a clear design

Do not commit this crime of making your design complex by using several fonts with different font sizes.  Follow the general rule of fonts if you want to use more than one style but try to keep it as clear and organized as possible.

Complex signals

Using the right font

Image from: 14 type crimes.

Signals as bold, italic, bold-italic or underline are used to highlight the important parts of your design. The usage of too many signals will simply confuse the viewer, so use the signals wisely and keep those as clear as possible.

Wrong color choice

Colors are imperative in nature when it comes to web designing. Use of right color combination can make your design a best piece of work, similarly wrong selection of colors can weaken your design and make it unattractive. While choosing a background color, keep the readability of fonts in notice.

Do not make permanent adjustments

Do not make permanent adjustments to the pixels in your design. Leave an option of re-edit the project in review phase. To do this you can use layer masks in place of eraser tool and smart object instead of rasterized layers.

Do not copy other people’s design

Bad copy and paste

A designer should always stay original in his projects. Copying others will only show your lack of creativity and make your design ordinary so it will go unnoticed. You can get the effect and take inspiration from others work but do not walk on the same line.

Failing to proofread

Proof reading is the most important phase of a design. Use the spell-checking tool to find any error. Check every word separately to see for it right placement in context. You can also get others help for this purpose.


Use the above list to avoid all the graphic designing crimes/mistakes and make your project a perfect one.

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