This is a collection of the best curly fonts available for free. This collection includes some very cool curly tattoo fonts so don’t miss checking them out. Apart from tattoo themed fonts, there are calligraphic, girly, cursive and modern fonts in them. There are some that look shabby, but they are creatively shabby. But one thing that is common in all of those fonts is that they have curls in them.

Usually such fonts are used for products that target female audience such as beauty products and household stuff. But of course, you can find other uses for them as well.

Tip: Use these fonts with light colors, I don’t think they’ll look as good as they will in light shades, such as pink, silver, tea-color and perhaps a light shade of lilac.

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Free Curly Fonts for Download

Download all curly fonts in one zipped file

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Girls are Weird

free curly fonts ideal for designs for women

One Starry Night

curly fonts download

Buttons & Patches

A decorated curly font

MTF Queen Of Sketchyland

A chalk and blackboard font

Love Letters

Font with curls

Janda Love And Rain

janda love font


Ferrica fonts

Corps Script

Corps Script Font


Jandles Font



Secesja PL


Revolving Door

Revolving Door

Self Region

A font made of curls only

Sweet Janet

Sweet Janet Download


A very curly font


This word means "throw"

Licorice Strings

Licorice strings font with curls

Black Cow

A calligraphic curly font


Loony Lovegood font

I hope there’s a Harry Potter reference in this last font.

Download all curly fonts in one zipped file

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That’s all I had for you guys today, but before leaving, here’s a relevant resource.

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