Super Cute Baby Pictures

Personally, I feel that babies provide us the most expressionistic images. They sometimes get an expression that even the best of models can’t produce. Probably, that’s because their expressions are ‘real’ while models are always ‘faking’ it. Anyways, these are the photos with babies showing their cutest side.

If you’re a photographer, you’d know that baby photography is a very high paying niche of professional photography. So it’s a nice idea to learn about baby photography and carry it out in the market.

To do anything properly, there are techniques to do it. Photography is no exception. There are methods that you have to follow to take good photographs. Of course, there are a lot of technicalities when we go into details, but here, I just described the essentials which even the beginners can and should follow.



  • Take Close-ups.
  • Shoot from lots of angles. 
  • Get on the eye level of the babies. 
  • Don’t use flash. They ruin the details. 
  • Set shutter above 1/250 to create sharp results.
  • A little bit of props work charms, but don’t over do it.
  • Take the shot while the baby is doing something. Snoozing and smiling works great. 

Baby Pictures:

Happy Baby by ~Lady-Tori

Cute Baby Pic

Baby Eyes by ~Lady-Tori

Cute Baby Eyes picture

Baby Mario by *zeldacw

Baby Mario Photo

my favorite baby by ~YAYforPOPCORN

Baby pictures

girly girl by Heidi Hope

pink baby girl picture

Sleeping Baby Photo

Sleeping Baby pictures

Baby Girl – Baptism

Baby girl image


Cute Twins Picture

Baby Sam by ~Reskiy

Baby Sam close up pic

Baby-5 by ~pixelzeesh

Really Cute wrapped Baby

baby d….02 by ~CreativeExpressions

pretty baby picture

baby F again

Sleeping Baby photo

baby by ~dandanfotoman

New Born Baby

baby on a table by ~ScottMoore

smiling baby picture

Baby by ~SecondArt

Smiling Baby Picture

This is a followup post for the earlier Baby Pictures and Photography TipsWe published photography tips over there, but I’ll briefly repeat them here as well.

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