Featuring 25 Most Amazing and Dark Photo manipulations by MorbidiaMorthel.

MorbidiaMorthel is an awesome artist on Deviant Art from past 2 years and have uploaded about 91 Artworks.
This collection is compiled with full permission of Morbidia Morthel

A little about MorbidiaMorthel:

  • Profile on DeviantArt: MorbidiaMorthel
  • Gallery on DedviantArt: Gallery
  • Favourite band or musician:Immortal, After Forever,Therion,Sirenia,Tristania,Dimmu Borgir,Nightwish
  • Favourite genre of music: gothic, black metal…and lots more
  • Favourite style of art: Dark,Fantasy,Macabre&Horror
  • MP3 player of choice: Ipod Touch
  • Tools of the Trade: Photoshop CS3 + Mouse

Receiving The Dark Gift

dark gift photo manipulation


temptation photo manipulation


Kalea photomanipulation

Mistress of Inscense

Mistress Photomanipulation


why girl photomanip

The Black Widow

black widow photomanipulation

Chaos Queen

chaos queen photomanipulation

Do You Remember

Remember photo manipulation

Cursed Beauty

cursed Beauty Photomanipulation

Venom Princess

venom princess manip

I Can Feel Your Pain

feel your pain

Lady S

lady scorpion photo manipulation

Gothic Eternity

gothic eternity

The Last Angel

last angel photomanipulation


thumbelina photomanipulation

Death of a Butterfly

butterfly death photomanipulation

I Won’t Cry for You

cry photomanipulation

Moon Sisters

moon sisters photo manip

Don’t Follow the Light

light photomanipulation

The Last Breath

last breath photomanipulation

The Sea Witch

sea witch photomanip

The Angel of Broken Souls

angel of broken souls

Cat Night

cat night

The Forgotten One

forgotten one photomanipulation


memories photomanipulation

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