Retro is my latest craze. I present retro designing related posts quite often these days, and today I’ve made this tutorial for designing a retro style business card.

Such a business card should be suitable for anything related to film/record store, photographer and such businesses which are related to media.

You can learn to create this card through this tutorial or you can wait until next week when we’ll publish this card another one in free PSD giveaway. But this will be a different kind of giveaway. In our giveaways, you are destined to win! If you comment, you will win, it doesn’t matter how many comments we receive, everybody will win. So don’t forget to participate in the giveaway.

Here are 100 more free business card templates you might want to download.

Note: This is a double sided business card, so before sending the order for these printing cards (although this is just a tutorial for designing, it is my job to tell you about the printing press as well) make sure that you tell the printer that this is a double sided card, and it needs 2 color printing on both sides.

 Final Result

adobe photosho tutorials

Click for Large Size Screenshots: Front SideBack Side

Ground Work

We have to make the pattern that will serve as the background in our business card, but first open the new file.

making a lining pattern in adobe photoshop

Don’t let the lined background of the screenshots distract you, focus only on the center part. I have a new file opened and it is fully zoomed in.

making a pattern in adobe photoshop cs5

Creating the Pattern

Time now to get on with the pattern. We’ll start by drawing a few rectangles. Draw these larger than the canvas size. We have to do this because we’re gonna rotate them in the next step, if they are the same height as the canvas, once rotated they will not cover all the area. Now check the screenshot below the see what I mean. I created a 2 rectangles, 5 pixels each, one is gray and the other is black. Then I rotated them. Hit CTRL+T and rotate it.

adobe photoshop pattern making tutorial

Then go to Edit>Define Pattern then add the name of the pattern.

how to make pattern in adobe photoshop

Pattern Number 2

Now repeating the steps I defined above, create another patter. I didn’t wanna lengthen this tutorial anymore so you are just seeing the final result of pattern number 2.

adobe photohshop retro pattern designing tutorials

Business Card Document

Create a new file, this is for our business card. Size it according to your needs.

Tip: for all print media graphics, don’t forget to keep the resolution and 300 DPI/PPI. For more info on these things, please check: Graphic Designing Theorems and Terminology

making a business card in adobe photoshop tutorials

First thing we gotta do is create a new layer, and add the background on it. For that, we’ll use a gradient.

Right Click on the layer in the layer’s panel and click Layer Styles, and in here, go to Gradient Overlay. 

retro orange card designing in adobe photoshop

And Pattern Overlay. We’ll use the pattern we created first.

making a adobe photoshop cs5


making the background in adobe photoshop cs5

Banner Ribbon

Time now to make a path. This will be a design element. Pen tool is coming into play now. Create the shape in the screenshot below. Reach to Paths Panel, right click on the path and click Make Selection. Once you get a marquee selection, create a new blank layer, hit CTRL+Enter fill this layer with foreground color. I used simple orange color and it now looks like a ribbon type shape.

making a ribbon in adobe photoshop cs5

Fill the 2nd pattern we created in this new ribbon layer.

print ready business card designing in adobe photoshop

On the edges of the ribbon shape, I’m adding a white colored line. I used the weight of 3px, placed both these lines on the edges and created a clipping mask of them. Just right click the layer containing the line and click Create Clipping Mask.

making a business card in adobe photoshop cs5

Duplicate the layer.

latest adobe photoshop tutorials

Now I created another rectangle. Just a simple one. Then I copied the layer styles from the ribbons and paste the styles into this new rectangle.

amazing print media designing tutorials of adobe photoshop cs5

Now you should have some basic shape of the banner, but it needs a bit of a finishing touch. Let’s create some shadows. Use the pen tool to draw the following shape.

amazing photoshop tutorials of business card designing

Fill the shape with a slightly darker shade of orange color, and then place it to the location I’ve pointed out in the screenshot below. Then duplicate the shape on the other side of the banner.

useful photoshop tutorials of business card designing

Adding Company Name

Now it is time to add your company name. It was pretty obvious what I’d write.

amazing photoshop tutorials

Now create another text layer, type the same thing and place it at about 2-3 pixels higher then the previous text layer. This new text layer will hold the text in solid white color.

adobe photoshop tutorials

Time for applying Layer Styles. Right now, I’m applying stroke.

making a business card in adobe photoshop cs5

Here i’m applying the Drop Shadow.

making retro business cards

Almost Done!

This is the front side of our business card, complete. Now let’s turn to the other side.

amazing visiting cards of adobe photoshop

The other side will use a solid background color.

Tip: Create a new file for the other side of the card. Separate files open quickly, and (God forbid) if one file gets corrupt, the other stays safe. 

print ready business card designing tutorials

Now in a new layer, I typed “You’re” in Aidu font. This “You’re” will obviously be replaced by your name. Once you have written your name, add a little drop shadow.

amazing and latest photoshop tutorials

Now duplicate the text layer, in front of the previous layer. You should get this result, shown in the picture below.

adobe photoshop tutorials

Here are a few layer styles I’m applying on this new layer.

business cards tutorials of adobe photoshop cs5

latest photoshop tutorials of print media

In the end you should get this. I added two solid red color lines in front of “you’re” which is placeholder for your name.

latest adobe photoshop tutorials of cs5

Now I used a few custom shapes for adding contact info, such as telephone number, address etc. I used Bebas Neue font for writing contact details.

Best adobe photoshop tutorials for print media

Here are the layer styles I’m applying on this additional info. Basically these are the same values which we used for “You’re” styles.

amazing photoshop tutorials of visiting cards

and we got this.

best of the best adobe photoshop tutorials

 Finally, its done!

adobe photosho tutorials

Click for Large Size Screenshots: Front Side – Back Side

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