Today, lets try to create a smart stylish wallpaper with your name/company name. It’s quite easy to make an interactive high resolution with your lovely Adobe Photoshop. So here is a final view of what we are going to do 🙂

So let’s get started ? Start from a blank page (say 500 x 333) . But make sure that if you are going to create the wallpaper for the first time, check your screen resolution and create an appropriate image size and resolution.

Here, I’m just making an outlook of the effect that we are going to put on to the wall.

Final Result :

Photoshop wallpaper tutorial

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Make the foreground color #913700 and the background color to black (#000000).

Now select the Gradient tool and make a gradient over the new file as below.

Make sure that you have selected the Radial Gradient Tool before applying the effect.

Now we have made the gradient color and this will act as the basic stage of the effects.

Now create a new layer and name it as ‘Tiles’. We are creating some effects in this layer.

Now go to the Filter>>Render>>Clouds and create a cloud effect in the layer.

go to the same filter>>texture>>Stained Glass

Apply the following values to the respective areas. This will give a smart tile effect to the image that we are going to make.

Now to back to the Layer (Tiles) and se the layer ti Overlay mode. Now you can see the background gradient effect over the tiles.

So noe we need to create some different colors over the image so that it will look some more attractive. For that, create a new layer (Green) and set the foreground color to green (#00bc1b) .

Select the gradient type color to transparent and make a gradient from one corner of the image as below.

Now go to the Green Layer and set the layer mode to Color.

This way, you can create some more colors like blue, red, yellow etc from each corver of the image.

So this will be our basic background for the texts. You can try with different colors so that you can get some more interactive effect and it’s all upto you 🙂

Now we need to create the texts such as your name and all. Create a new layer and make the text over there using your Text Tool.

Now set the blending mode of the text to the following values for the Drop Shaddow , Outer Glow, and color overlay.

You can create some more illusions using your favorite brushes or using the custom shapes and apply the same layer style to them also, so that they will look more impressive.

This is the final view of the effect and if you wish then you can create some more effects with different colors, tile size and texts.

I have created another one which I’m currently using as my desktop wallpaper. Just have a look at it.

You can refer the PSD of the Tut if you have got any doubts or feel free to contact me on my mail myjilson[at] or give a comment at the comment section.

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