Tutorial for designing a single-color creative resume for designers.

Designers have a hard time creating a resume (also called CV), that’s because a designer is supposed to design something outrageous for his introducer… I mean resume is the thing that’s gonna makes a designer’s first impression, not the designer himself!

I was coping with the same problem a some time ago, so I designed this thing.
The aspects which make this resume design superior than some others is that it is a single color design, it can be xeroxed/photocopy-ed but more importantly, it doesn’t take much time to be studied. Bosses usually don’t like it when they have to study a lot.

To download PSD files of this resume, please check out: Free PSD Resumes

Basic Info

I’m using A4 Landscape size for making this CV. I suggest you choose the same size, but of course, you’re a creative mind, you’re allowed to make variations.

First of all, fill the background with this color.

Resume Tutorial

Now select the Rectangle Tool and make a rectangle on the left side of the canvas.

adobe photoshop cs6 tutorials

I added 3 type elements. The first on was “Hi!” in the rectangle we drew in the previous step, then I wrote my name, father’s name in front of it. This time we didn’t create a box in the background. I used bebas nuene but you can choose any font you like.

Text tool photoshop

Now I selected Rectangle Tool once again and created a box. This will highlight the data on it. I plan to put my online contact here; you know, social media profiles, email ID etc.
I used free icons for stylizing this data.

photoshop tutorials

Basic work complete. Now I’m drawing a line to separate this info with the lower content. I’m using Path tool and drawing a line 5px strong using the color shown in the screenshot below.

learn photoshop

Design Elements

Now I’m creating a bullet design which we’ll be using all over this resume. This design is fairly simple but very effective.

This is how you can design these bullets/dots. I’m using two colors, you can see their reference code from the screenshot.
1. I draw a circle.
2. I gave it 7px strong stroke (outline).
3. I made another circle using the color of the outline.
4. I placed the other smaller dot on top of the first one.

graphs in adobe photoshop

Here’s how you should place this dot. This step could take a bit.

tutorials of photoshop

Adding Content

Time to add data. I’m starting with “Education“. Select Type tool and type EDUCATION.

fresh tutorials of 2013

Remember the bullet we just created, make a copy of that along the line. You can just select the bullet’s layers and hit CTRL + J to duplicate them.

After copying the bullet, add the subheading. This is supposed to be your first art degree.

creating artistic resume

Here’s how the final design should/could look. The description on the right side could contain the info about your grades, final project etc.

CV template for designers

Education tab is complete, now let’s make a tab SKILLS.

put skills in resume

Let’s create a graph here. You can use many softwares to create graphs, you can also use Adobe Illustrator to create graphs and then import them into Photoshop… but I’m making these graphs right here in Photoshop.

I created another bullet, this time I made the circle with dark color and gave it a light color stroke.

In step two, I drew two boxes, one in dark color and one in light color. This will be our graph. Check out the screenshot for more detail.

Showing Skills

photoshop tutorials

And after 10-20 minutes, this is what you’ll end up with.

tutorials for designers

Here I’m going to make another type of graph. I can’t recall it’s technical term, last time my 10th grade teacher told me the technical term. It’s basically intersecting circles. The colors in these circles reflect your expertise in that field. The darker the color, the more you’re expert!

I created this graph for languages, you can use it for any other purpose.

resume creators

Did you notice that in the screenshot above there was  a tiny dot below the circles. That was a bullet.

languages in resume template

You’d notice that I gave separate colors to the bullets to for reference.

creative resume for graphic designers

Time to note down your professional experience.
For that, I copied the Education tab style again. This will create a symmetry. Same design on the left, on the right and graphs in the center.

adobe photoshop tutorials

Finishing Note

People usually love to add a Mission Statement in their resumes. So here’s the place to add it.
We’ll start by adding a bullet, but to add some style, I’m only using half of the bullet we used earlier. And using this bullet in a very large size.

latest tutorials of photoshop

I typed the heading, which is MISSION. Then added a Curly Brace bracket. Now write down your mission statement here. You can use a cursive font to add more personal touch. Don’t forget to make it italics.

classy resume for everyone

Remember we started by writing a “Hi!” in the beginning. In the very same way, we’ll add a “Nice To Meet You!” in the end. So let’s draw the same kind of rectangle in the background.

latest resume designs

Add text.

analytical resume for designers

Final Result

Click the image to enlarge

final result

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