They said any web designer who did not know how to code, was a design criminal. “They” included me as well. Until the beginning of 2015, I maintained that every web designer must have complete control over HTML and CSS. I believed this because I thought that one cannot design websites properly if he/she doesn’t know how to code them up. Back then, nearly everyone agreed with me. Now, however, Webflow disagrees…

Webflow is the standout web design tool from the generation of new tools that are popping up in the web design landscape. These tools include Webydo, Breezi and TheGrid.

So, what do these tools do? They kill the need to master coding. In fact, designers don’t even need to know the basics of coding to design beautiful, professional-grade responsive websites. Yes, I admit (though feeling slightly irritated because I am a hardcore coder) that the day has finally come when designers will be more important than developers.

What it Used to be Like

In the yesteryears, we designers had to create wireframe prototypes with the help of tools such as Wirify and Moqups.

We created these wireframes using our imagination. Then we sent them over to clients. They imagined something completely different to turn out from the prototype. When we sent the completed design, they didn’t like a font, or color, or anything else… And we started the drill again.

CNN Wireframe

We should not require clients to imagine their design. They are paying their hard earned dollars, they deserve to be shown the designs. In fact, more than the clients, we deserve to work on the real stuff, not some dummy boxes and placeholder elements. We need a tool that lets us create and edit web apps using the real data. A tool that offers the functionality of a high-end CMS such as WordPress, but that gives us the freedom of our favorite design software, such as Photoshop. Are we asking for too much? Not at all. There is already a tool the market that does all this. Webflow!

Webflow is revolutionizing the way we make websites. But just like what I demand from a web design tool, I will not describe it using mere words and leave you having to imagine everything… I’d show you. Here’s a video:

Did you notice, now we can check the responsiveness of our web designs on each step, after adding/deleting/changing every element, with a single click. And we do it without even touching the code section.

How it works

Now the question arises that how does Webflow manage this? It’s the power of bootstrap that enables this software to work in this magical way.

The simple feature of drag & drop creates all the difference in the world. While you add elements as if you are using a design application, it creates a neat and clean, minified crisp code that you almost never have to edit. However, if you are a coder like me, you have the power to edit the code as well.


Thanks to the power of bootstrap, its reliability never comes in doubt. And the biggest testimony of this tool’s reliability is the clientele comprised of the most reliable brands in the world, such as IBM, Hitachi, Master Card, HP and many other media and IT giants.

Is Webflow for Me?

Good question… but in return, I also have a question for you. Do you design websites? Do you work on the front-end designing and development? If you do, then this is exactly the tool you need.

How can this tool help you? Well, I can tell you… but I can also show you.


Until a few months ago, I thought learning coding was absolutely critical for every web designer. I still think that it is a big advantage, but it is not critical anymore. And, it seems that with time, the importance of coding in front-end web designing will decrease. Tools such as Webflow will take care of all the coding.

Now, designers must focus on enhancing their design skills and nothing else. Now it is much more important to have understanding of user experience and conversion rates than understanding of coding. So my advice to you is that you guys focus on the methodology of designing, and leave everything else. In ten years from now, most successful designers may not even be able to write a single line of code, but their websites will generate loads of actions. If you wanna be one of those most successful designers, start today. You can start by signing up for a free account at Webflow to get a hands on experience of this tool, and you also must not forget to keep visiting so you can stay updated with everything latest in the web design industry.

This was a sponsored article by Webflow.

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